Comic-Con 2011: Supernatural

Season 6 of Supernatural left us on an awkward note: Sam and Dean’s angel buddy Castiel is now, well, God. And it looks like he’s having a little bit too much fun with the power. Although we weren’t able to talk to Misha Collins (Castiel) himself—it’s hard to get an audience with the lord—we did chat with Jared Padalecki (Sam) and producers Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund. Here’s what they had to say before their Comic-Con panel on Sunday.

On Sam’s Season 6 cliffhanger…

“It’s nice. I know they’re putting trust in me, because they kind of leave it on the edge and go, ‘Well, we’ll see what happens next year.’ … I’ve only read the first four episodes of the season. We’re only shooting the second. But I’m really happy with what’s going on with Sam’s character. They usually give me some meaty stuff, so it’s challenging. It’s definitely picking back up at a run.” – Padalecki

“Well, his wall just broke. And he managed to pull it together to help his brother … But we will start to see what that really means. I mean, we were pretty specific about what the repercussions of that wall coming down would be. Cas listed this terrible list of basically, like, you’re gonna be a drooling mess, you might die, hallucinations, just things that cannot be fixed. And Death also said, ‘Don’t even scratch the wall.’ So we’re not gonna let him off scot-free, of course, and this becomes a pretty major storyline.” – Gamble

“This is not like being hexed by a witch or something. This is a true break in Sam’s psyche. Maybe this is something that can never be fixed. So it’s kind of a different sort of problem than what the boys have faced before. It’s just like the thing that Sam has now earned in a certain way over years and years of being pummeled with more than pretty much any human being on earth.” – Gamble

On Dean’s inner turmoil…

“Dean has suffered an enormous amount of loss. If he wasn’t running and gunning to try to save the world at all moments, he would probably just collapse, I think, under the weight of it. Or, you know, just drink and pick up chicks, but that would be his version of collapsing, maybe. But we find him in a place where he has a lot of soul-searching to do. He has to ask himself, really, why he does what he does.” – Gamble

On the new bad…

“We obviously have to deal with … Cas and Crowley being kind of wacky. We’re gonna encounter another big bad creature, or set of creatures. I don’t know what they’re gonna do with it. But we obviously have a big bad. Unfortunately, I’m trying to dance my way around what it’s called.” – Padalecki

“Short of going like, ‘Well, now he’s back again! Oh, that damn Lucifer keeps getting us,’ we have to go somewhere else. Not getting rid of Lucifer completely, but we have to continue in another direction. So what’s been our kind of bread and butter is our Monster of the Week, because that’s kind of what we’ve set out to do.” – Padalecki

On Sam and Dean’s relationship…

“We have to have a Big Bad, but it’s much more Sam and Dean this year.” – Padalecki

“This season is taking us—Sam and Dean are kind of going Thelma and Louise. I guess Butch and Sundance is probably… Can we cut the ‘Thelma and Louise’ part? Just say ‘Butch and Sundance.’ We’re kind of off on our own again.” – Padalecki

“As usual, Dean is worried about Sam, and Sam is worried about Dean. This is sort of the core—this is the foundation on which Supernatural is built, is the brothers worrying about each other.” – Gamble

On what’s next for Cas…

“He’s our new God. This story is about stabilizing his god complex. I can’t really talk too much about it, because I think the cliffhanger is so about Cas and so about where his character’s going to go, and the ramifications of what he’s done. In a sense, I almost feel like the beginning of the season—this is one of our most fluid. The first episode of next season is almost the 23rd episode of last season.” – Edlund

“His is one of those stories of absolute power, and also really one of those basic pivotal concepts in the Bible, which is pride, the issue of pride. … I imagine redemption will be part of it, but redemption on Supernatural is a difficult, tarnished road.” – Edlund

“This was one of the most fun collaborative processes I think we’ve had in a long time, to open the floor to all of the writers and all of the brain trust of Supernatural actually and say, ‘OK, you’re God. What do you want to do?’ Because that’s part of what Cas gets to be. He’s declared himself God. He’s really pissed at his dad, who never came home. He sees a lot of problems everywhere.” – Gamble

“Dean just feels like Cas is completely lost to them. Sam is more likely to try and give someone another chance in this instance. But I think for Dean, this just comes from a place of just despair that he’s lost this person.” – Gamble

On new characters…

“We need to repopulate so that we can kill more people! We’ve talked about various possible characters, and we always want to have a ground of people they can relate to. Yeah, new characters will come. They’re gonna have a tough year, Sam and Dean, like they always do.” – Edlund

“You will meet an old friend of Bobby’s who helps him from time to time. He is hip to the supernatural, but he’s kind of a bit of a conspiracy theorist about it. Like he’s watched way too much X-Files. So a typical statement for him would be, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, there are shapeshifters, but you know the government created them.’ He has sort of his own take on things. Sam and Dean go to seek help from him, and end up caught in a booby trap in his house, ‘cause he doesn’t trust anyone. He’s a little off his rocker.” – Gamble

On new rules…

“One of the things is like, how have they been operating all these years? What have their tools been? What have their methods been? How can we take those things and make them difficult for them to use? They have to learn new tricks. They have to evolve, too. This season’s kind of about challenging them as hunters.” – Edlund

“They’re gonna have professional difficulties because the world is going to try to eat them again. Well, that happens every season. I guess that’s not news.” – Edlund

On new locations…

“We’ve got to put them on a spaceship this year. … Is there a way to get them on a spaceship? That’s my question to you.” – Edlund

“I want to make sure we keep doing bizarre things, that tentpole oddness that makes the show worthy of discussion.” – Edlund

On having Jensen direct…

“It’s great. Having worked with him now for six years as an actor, he and I know how to communicate. … I know him really well. He and I are friends now. So when he says something to me, he knows how to communicate with me. As an actor, the director sets up a shot, does this and that, and then it’s up to the director to communicate with the actors. … Jensen understands it, as an actor. He understands me as a friend, as a fellow actor.” – Padalecki

On the end of the series…

“You run two possible end-games. One has a continuance and one—you just really have to feel it out. We have a general shape of an end, but it can kind of flow forward and we can put more stuff in front of it.” – Edlund

“I think that there’s something thematically sound in the fact that the story does not end, oddly enough. These guys cannot die. They’ve died so many times. Their torment is not terminable, and there’s something interesting about that.” – Edlund

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