Comic-Con 2012: Once Upon a Time's Operation Cobra Isn't Over, and [SPOILER] Is Coming to Storybrooke (VIDEO)

ABC's Once Upon a Time held its Comic-Con panel today, and there are quite a view video highlights to share as a result.

For starters, here's your first look at Season 2!

OOOOOOOEeeeeeee! Will a certain glitter-faced individual be meeting his match in Captain Hook?

Also: I feel like I'm already starting to forget the "rules" of magic in the Once Upon a Time world, but can we talk about that sound effect when Henry opens his eyes? Knowing how August is faring these days, is it possible there's some sort of puppetry in this kid's future? Dear Lily Sparks, please come back from your honeymoon to lead a proper speculative discussion!

Next up, here's a quick compilation of every OUaT opening sequence we've seen thus far... plus a few new ones that provide a few more hints at the new season:

Looks like someone's about to plant some magic beans in Storybrooke. And was that sword-wielding gal our first glimpse of Mulan?

Finally, here's a pretty funny commercial for "Singlebrooke," Storybrooke's new dating service. It was screened during the panel, and will be included as a special feature on OUaT's Season 1 DVD set.

Plus here two more quick panel tidbits:

– Edward Kitsis: "We can definitely say that in Season 2 you will find out the identity of Henry's father."

– We'll also learn the who Mr. Whale's fairy-tale counterpart is, as well as what happened to Mr. Gold's Bae.

Let the speculation begin!

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