Comic-Con 2012: Psych's James Roday and Dule Hill Reveal Each Other's Superpowers

One of my stops during Day 1 of Comic-Con 2012 was the Psych press room, where series co-stars James Roday and Dule Hill gamely braved a horde of reporters to gamely answer questions about the show what's ahead in Season 5 (hint: It'll include a musical episode, a found-footage episode, and an episode themed around the board game Clue). In the spirit of the 'Con, I asked the guys to each reveal the other's secret superpower, something they'd observed after spending so much time together on the set. Here's what the two charmers had to say.

By the way, Roday wasn't kidding about the food thing: Shortly before shot this clip, I saw Hill chowing down on pizza while chatting with a different group of reporters. And I have photographic evidence to prove it:

Psych's seventh season will air on USA Network this fall.

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