Comic-Con 2012: See The Legend of Korra's Book 2 Concept and Character Art (PHOTOS)

Though many of the folks who were lucky enough to be in Ballroom 20 for the Avatar: The Legend of Korra panel at Comic-Con last weekend were simply waiting for the Firefly reunion panel that would follow it, true fans of the Nickelodeon series were treated to a pretty awesome session. I'll be straight with you: I don't watch the show, but after witnessing that panel, I might start. As I said in our Day 2 wrap-up podcast, it was really nicely put-together as far as Comic-Con panels go, with the creators and voice cast not only doing a table read of some of Season 1's most memorable scenes, but also teasing the recently announced Season 2 by showing the upcoming episodes' concept art, character art, and rough "animatics"—early animated storyboards that offer a hint of what the finished product will look like. While they're not exactly the best photos I've ever taken, I captured quick snapshots of almost all the new settings and costumes you'll see in Season 2 (or Book 2, as it's known in the Avatar world), which is called "Spirits" and will take place six months after Season 1. Check them out in the photo gallery below:

Legend of Korra Book 2 Concept and Character Art Photos

Additional Panel Info and Highlights:

– Toward the end of the panel, voice director Andrea Romano led an audience-participation bit in which she directed everyone to cheer, boo, etc. as if she was recording walla—indistinct background noise made by a crowd of people—for the show. I don't know if she was really recording and if she was, who knows if she'll ever use the result, but she explained that the recording booths at Nickelodeon can only fit a maximum of five people at any given time, so she wanted to take advantage of the crowd of over a thousand people in front of her. At one point she asked only the women in the audience to respond, then the men, and then finally, the kids—anybody under 16 years old. When she was met with near silence because there were barely any young 'uns in the room, Korra co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino cracked, “They were only four years old when Firefly came out.”

– As I mentioned above, Book 2 will be called "Spirits" and take place six months after Season 1. It will explore the mythology of the spirit world and how the Avatar line began. The writers promised there will be “no shortage of spirits. You will be spirit-ed out.”

– Book 2 will also expand Korra's family and we'll meet several new characters, including a pair of "androgynous, creepy twins" you may have noticed in the gallery above. Korra's relationship with her uncle will be developed, and we'll get some backstory on her uncle and her father's relationship as well as the connection between the northern and southern Water Tribes.

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