Comic-Con 2012: Teen Wolf Cast Q&A (VIDEO)

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The cast of Teen Wolf first attended Comic-Con two years ago—before a single episode had even aired. Needless to say the turnout for that panel wasn't particularly huge; the audience probably consisted of a couple dozen people merely seeking refuge from the choked hallways and lines that define the convention's bigger draws. But here we were in 2012 in a packed-to-capacity ballroom where Teen Wolf was the bigger draw! The cast received a rapturous, raucous response—and with good reason. Now well into the back half of Season 2, Teen Wolf has become a formidable bit of summer entertainment: surprising, weird, and watercooler-worthy. One of the big reasons for the show's success has been its incredibly appealing cast, all currently enjoying that exciting sudden-success phase of their burgeoning careers.

The day after their panel, the main six actors sat down for some roundtable press discussions and everybody seemed to agree on at least two things: They're all overtly jealous of Dylan O'Brien's comedic skills, but more importantly they all seem to genuinely love their show. Seriously, their thoughtful, enthusiastic answers to my questions were the best interview experience I've had at Comic-Con so far. Check out the video below to hear the cast providing As to my Qs in their own words!

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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