Comic-Con 2012: The Best Costumes We Saw on Day 1 (PHOTOS)

Comic-Con Day 2 just started and it's madness. Madness! The Ballroom 20 line is truly atrocious and I just saw a lady quietly crying when she realized she wasn't going to get into the Firefly reunion panel and it just about broke my heart. (The Firefly panel is actually causing all sorts of havoc; people started lining up hours and hours ago, and lots of fans who want to see the two preceding panels, Community and The Legend of Korra, are being shut out as a result.) But then I looked at some of these photos that Tim and Price and I took yesterday and they warmed my heart back up again, even though I have yet to see even a single Game of Thrones outfit. Name your favorites in the comments, and hopefully we'll see even better ones today!

Comic-Con 2012: Costumes from Day 1

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