Comic-Con 2012: The Teen Wolf Cast Announces a Mega-Sized Season 3 Renewal

I may be new to Comic-Con, but even I know at least one thing: If you want to hear insight about your favorite TV show, panels are NOT the place for that. The panels are where you go if you want to shriek "WOOOOOOOO!" as loudly as possible, over and over. This is all just a complicated way of saying (1) I attended today's Teen Wolf panel Q&A;! And (2) I didn't learn very much. But that's okay, the official press access will happen later this week. And we DID get to watch an advance screening of next Monday's episode and it was TERRIFIC. Everything's really coming together, you guys! And if you are as obsessed with the Mrs. Argent character as I am, definitely do not miss the next episode.

Anyway, after the episode the main six cast members came out and spilled a few tidbits:

Teen Wolf has been officially renewed for a 24-episode Season 3! Which is great news, particularly because this new episode began to set up some huge plotlines for next season.

– Crystal Reed on Allison's burgeoning werewolf hunter skills: "She's about to get really, really badass."

– Colton Haynes on maintaining Jackson's physique off-season: "I think I've lost ten of those pounds so far."

– Holland Roden on her nude scene: "It was a closed set and it was in the woods and 'nipple covers' are now words in my vocabulary. I now wear them on a daily basis." Colton Haynes: "She's wearing them now." Holland Roden: "Good guess, Colton. So yes, I was a little nervous, but being MTV they don't have nudity, at least that you can see. And it was a little cold, but other than that— And it was a little stick-y. Because the ground had sticks on it."

– Crystal Reed on whether SHE'LL ever have a nude scene: "I think I do my fair share of sexual stuff on the show. [Disappointed boos.] I don't want to be naked on TV!"

– Joke of the day: Colton Haynes' one-word response when he was asked why none of the werewolves have body hair: "Nair-wolves."

– Biggest reaction of the panel: When asked whether Derek would ever get a girlfriend or should fans hold out for a "Sterek" storyline, Taylor Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien reached across the table and touched hands tenderly. Cue crazy SHRIEKS.

It was a quick panel! But stay tuned for more in-depth (hopefully!) answers and insights from the cast after Teen Wolf's official press panel later in the 'Con.

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