Comic-Con 2012: Tim and Price Discuss Day Zero (Audio)

It's that time of the year again! Every website and news outlet on the internet will be positively spewing forth entertainment news tidbits from, of all places, San Diego. That's right, it's Comic-Con time: Christmas for geeks! In addition to lodging traditional stories on the panels, events, and goings-on of Comic-Con, Tim and I will also be recording daily wrap-up conversations. Below is our first one, which summarizes what we did during Day Zero a.k.a. Preview Night. In short: We explored; we took pictures; we tried not to have panic attacks; and we watched the new Fox/Kevin Williamson pilot The Following. Press play to hear our thoughts on all of these items, then check out some of the things we saw in the photo gallery below.

Comic-Con 2012 Preview Night (PHOTOS)

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