Comic-Con 2012: Watch the Newest Futuristic Fringe Trailer (VIDEO)

They are coming! Today's teary-eyed Fringe panel at Comic-Con was punctuated by a new trailer from the best trailer-making department in the industry. As if we needed to get more excited (in a bittersweet way) about the final season of Fringe, the video below makes it clear that the hot-sauce-chugging Observers we saw in the time-jumping episode "Letters of Transit" are going to be a real pain in the ass in Season 5, and that we'll probably be spending a lot of time in 2036.

There's no new footage in the clip (I don't think), but Fringe folks have always had a way with re-cutting footage to make it feel new.

Fringe returns for its fifth final season September 28 on Fox.

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