Comic-Con 2013 Show Floor and Downtown San Diego Photos: Dothraki Street Signs, the Grimm Spice Shop, and More

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Tired of looking at Comic-Con photos yet? No? Good! Because we've got one more round for you. This third and final volume of our #SDCC photo album features the coolest, craziest, and weirdest, uh, stuff we saw both on the show floor and in downtown San Diego. I'm talking everything from Ninja Turtles built out of Legos to Bates Motel-themed bathrooms to merch as far as the eye could see. Take a gander, try not to feel claustrophobic just from looking at the crowds, and pretend you were there... from the comfort of your own home, of course. 

Comic-Con 2013 Photos: The Show Floor and Downtown San Diego


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