Coming Soon: A Vampire Diaries Spinoff?

... The CW is holding onto one of its major talents by giving him another show. Kevin Williamson, the brain behind The Vampire Diaries, has reportedly been asked to make a "companion" show for his blood-sucking hit, though it's unclear how the whole "companion" part will work out. The new show follows a group of researchers who track paranormal activity and could break into next year's lineup. [E! Online]

... J.J. Abrams' next show, Alcatraz, has found its star. Sarah Jones, who played Ethan Zobelle's daughter on the last season of Sons of Anarchy, will play the police officer Rebecca Madsen. Alcatraz will have Abrams' trademark sci-fi twist, as FBI agents try to figure out why guards and inmates who went missing from the prison decades ago have mysteriously turned up today. Jorge Garcia of Lost was announced as a cast member last week. [Deadline]

... Buffy alum and Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku is returning to television, courtesy of TNT. She's landed the female lead role in Bird Dog, a drama about a father and daughter who work together as partners for a small town in the Pacific Northwest. [Deadline]

... ABC has announced the premiere date for Body of Proof, a new procedural starring Dana Delaney as a neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner. Body of Proof will debut March 29 at 10pm and take over the slot that Detroit 1-8-7 currently occupies. [The Live Feed]

... Grey's Anatomy creator and ABC workhorse Shonda Rhimes is busy working on yet another project for the Alphabet. Rhimes is tackling the world of PR with a drama about the tricky world of high-profile PR management. And because this is a Shonda Rhimes show, people will be making out with each other a lot. [NY Mag]

... CBS isn't giving up on its soap operas. The network has renewed The Bold and the Beautiful for two more years and The Young and the Restless for three more years. Score one for long-lost identical twins, step-siblings sleeping with one another, and old people with eyepatches! [Deadline and Deadline]

... Cartoon Network has renewed three Monday shows: Adventure Time, Regular Show, and MAD. [The Live Feed]

... CBS is creating an unofficial Blues Brothers reunion. And no, it's not with John Belushi's corpse). Dan Akroyd will guest star in a January episode of Jim Belushi's The Defenders. This is amazing news for anyone still living in the early '90s! [Variety]

... FX has announced the return date for Archer and premiere date for Lights Out. Archer, also known as the funniest show on TV, returns January 27 at 10pm. Lights Out, the new boxing drama, premieres January 11 at 10pm. [FX via press release]

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