Community Explains Its Scheduling SNAFU in Community Terms (VIDEO)

Great news, guys! Community is returning on October 19! "But wait," you say. "Today is October 19, and I don't see the internet exploding in reverie!" I'll let Troy and Abed explain:

So there you have it. The cast and crew are very aware that they're getting jerked around by NBC, but they also know it won't do any good to pout about it, so they made a hilarious video with a perfectly absurd positive spin. October 19 isn't a date, it's the joy you feel inside after getting the last plate of chicken fingers, the thrill of seducing an Elven maiden so she'll let you borrow her Pegasus, the ecstasy of eating Starburn's ecstasy at Annie's Dia de Los Muertos party while dressed as The Beastmaster.

No, Community still does not have a premiere date. But now that NBC has scheduled Whitney away from Fridays (where it'd initially been paired with Community in the most mismatched comedy block of all time), maybe the network has bigger, grander plans for Community than to simply dump it in the litterbox that is Friday night? Who knows, maybe NBC will even do the right thing and bring Community back in the midseason, either as part of its Thursday comedy block to replace 30 Rock or as a partner for the almost-as-goofy Go On, which has been performing well and definitely shares a vibe with Community.

And for those of you who may have missed it, here's Joel McHale on Ellen showing off a clip from Community's Season 4 premiere, which plays off The Hunger Games and will debut... someday.

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