Community Finally Has a Return Date! NBC Announces Its Midseason Premiere Schedule

Fellow Community nerds, I come bearing great news! Our beloved comedy finally has a return date after being jerked around the schedule by an uncaring NBC. The fourth season of The Greendale Tales will debut on...


That's a Thursday, which means Community will reclaim its original time slot. It will replace 30 Rock, which at that point will have wrapped up its final season. Community was originally scheduled to air on Fridays beginning October 19, but NBC finally stopped taking stupid pills and saw the light.

The Community premiere date comes as part of NBC's announcement of its midseason schedule. Another big change is the move of Smash from Mondays to Tuesdays, essentially killing the "Music Mondays" the network was so keen on last season. Smash returns with a two-hour episode on February 5 at 9pm.

New comedy 1600 Penn, a family sitcom set in the White House starring Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman, and Josh Gad, joins NBC's Thursday-night block starting January 10. It will air at 9:30pm, pushing Parks and Recreation up to 8:30pm. Up All Night will take a break while it retools itself as a multi-camera comedy.

Revolution, which NBC is calling "the season's only bona fide new hit series," will take an extended vacation at the start of the new year. The sci-fi drama will return on March 25, presumably after a midseason finale sometime in December. That means Revolution, a serialized sci-fi fantasy drama, will be off the air for a quarter of the year. Ditto for The Voice, which is currently in its third season and will return for its fourth on the same night. NBC just can't keep those two apart!

Subbing in for Revolution and The Voice during their breaks will be The Biggest Loser and new drama Notorious Infamous Deception (its third name).

Here's how the schedule breaks down, in handy-dandy list form, with the rest of the returns and premieres (be warned that it's confusing, but that's NBC for ya!):


Sunday, January 6
9:00pm – The Biggest Loser (special two-hour premiere)

Monday, January 7
8:00pm – The Biggest Loser (regular one-hour edition)
10:00pm – Deception

Thursday, January 10
9:30pm – 1600 Penn

Tuesday, February 5
8:00pm – Betty White's Off Their Rockers (back-to-back episodes)

Tuesday, February 5
9:00pm – Smash (two-hour premiere)

Thursday, February 7
8:00pm – Community
8:30pm – Parks and Recreation (time change)

Tuesday, February 12
10:00pm – Smash (regular one-hour edition)

Sunday, March 3
9:00pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (two-hour premiere)

Monday, March 25
8:00pm – The Voice (two-hour edition)
10:00pm – Revolution (returning from hiatus)

Tuesday, March 26
8:00pm – The Voice (one-hour edition)

Sunday, March 31
8:00pm – Ready For Love
10:00pm – The Celebrity Apprentice (one-hour edition)

Obviously we encourage you to express your pleasure over Community's return date—and share any other thoughts you have about NBC's midseason schedule—in the comments.

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