Community Has a Return Date; NBC Shakes Up Its Schedule

The madness finally ENDS.

Whoever threw that bucket of ice water in NBC's face, thank you. Ever since the network made the comatose decision to boot Community off its midseason schedule so it could play around with its lineup, we've been waiting for the suits there to come to their senses (or something close to senses)—and according to series Dan Harmon, they finally have.

Community will return to Thursdays at 8pm starting March 15, according to a Tweet from Harmon:

Fudge and yeah!

But with Community returning, it means NBC's other shows have to scoot out of the way and play musical chairs. When the music stopped this morning, Parks and Recreation was left standing and will take a five-week break before it returns on April 19, according to press release from the network. 30 Rock will move to 8:30pm, The Office will stay put at 9pm, and Up All Night will run straight through the conclusion of its 24-episode order before it gives way to Parks and Rec.

So Thursdays on NBC this spring will look like this:

Starting March 15:
8:00pm - Community
8:30pm - 30 Rock
9:00pm - The Office
9:30pm - Up All Night

Starting April 19:
8:00pm - Community
8:30pm - 30 Rock
9:00pm - The Office
9:30pm - Parks and Recreation

It's true! It's really true!

In addition to NBC's Thursday-night shake-up, new comedies Bent and Best Friends Forever have been scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, March 21 and Wednesday, April 4, respectively. Bent will air back-to-back episodes on Wednesdays from March 21 to April 4 from 9-10pm (more like Burned? As in burned off?), and Best Friends Forever will be paired in the 8 o'clock hour with Betty White's Off Their Rockers. Rock Center with Brian Williams will move to 10pm, in case you are Brian Williams' mom and wanted to know.

And the best news of all? Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?, which previously held the Wednesday from 8-9pm hour, will finally be done with their seasons so we can forget they ever gouged our eyeballs out in the first place. Still, that new Wednesday lineup doesn't look a whole lot better.

Okay, enough chatter, go ahead and talk about how awesome Community is in the comments below!

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