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Critics are total dummies. They're always telling you what to like, what to hate, and what you're stupid for not watching. And now they're trying to tell you what's worthy of an award. The nominations for the second annual Critics' Choice Television Awards were announced today, and they're... pretty spot-on, actually!

Proof: Community, yes, Community, leads the entire field with six nominations, one for Best Comedy and five nominations for acting. The NBC comedy beat AMC juggernauts Mad Men and Breaking Bad in total nominations, and we're going to pretend that's not just because the comedy field is thinner.

But check out the other gems that were recognized: Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy, Ashley Rickards of Awkward., Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad, and John Noble of Fringe. Maybe you critics aren't so lame after all. Except for you, Tim Surette, you still suck.

Best Drama Series

Breaking Bad – AMC
Downton Abbey – PBS
Game of Thrones – HBO
The Good Wife – CBS
Homeland – Showtime
Mad Men – AMC

Best Actor in a Drama Series

Bryan CranstonBreaking Bad – AMC
Kelsey GrammerBoss – Starz
Jon HammMad Men – AMC
Charlie HunnamSons of Anarchy – FX
Damian LewisHomeland – Showtime
Timothy OlyphantJustified – FX

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Claire DanesHomeland – Showtime
Michelle DockeryDownton Abbey – PBS
Julianna MarguliesThe Good Wife – CBS
Elisabeth MossMad Men – AMC
Emmy RossumShameless – Showtime
Katey SagalSons of Anarchy – FX

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Peter DinklageGame of Thrones – HBO
Giancarlo EspositoBreaking Bad – AMC
Neal McDonoughJustified – FX
John NobleFringe – FOX
Aaron PaulBreaking Bad – AMC
John SlatteryMad Men – AMC

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Christine BaranskiThe Good Wife – CBS
Anna GunnBreaking Bad – AMC
Christina HendricksMad Men – AMC
Regina KingSouthland – TNT
Kelly Macdonald – Boardwalk Empire – HBO
Maggie Siff – Sons of Anarchy – FX

Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series

Dylan BakerDamages – DirecTV
Jere BurnsJustified – FX
Loretta DevineGrey’s Anatomy – ABC
Lucy LiuSouthland – TNT
Carrie PrestonThe Good Wife – CBS
Chloe WebbShameless – Showtime

Best Reality Series

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Travel Channel
Hoarders – A&E;
Sister Wives – TLC
Kitchen Nightmares – FOX
Pawn Stars – History
Undercover Boss – CBS

Best Reality Series – Competition

The Pitch – AMC
Shark Tank – ABC
So You Think You Can Dance – FOX
The Voice – NBC
Chopped – FOOD
The Amazing Race – CBS

Best Reality Show Host

Tom BergeronDancing with the Stars – ABC
Nick CannonAmerica’s Got Talent – NBC
Cat DeeleySo You Think You Can Dance – FOX
Phil KeoghanThe Amazing Race – CBS
RuPaulRuPaul’s Drag Race – Logo

Best Talk Show

Conan – TBS
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – Comedy Central
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – NBC
Jimmy Kimmel Live! – ABC
The View – ABC

Best Comedy Series

The Big Bang Theory – CBS
Community – NBC
Girls – HBO
Modern Family – ABC
New Girl – FOX
Parks and Recreation – NBC

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Don CheadleHouse of Lies – Showtime
Louis C.K. – Louie – FX
Larry DavidCurb Your Enthusiasm – HBO
Garret DillahuntRaising Hope – FOX
Joel McHaleCommunity – NBC
Jim ParsonsThe Big Bang Theory – CBS

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Zooey DeschanelNew Girl – FOX
Lena Dunham – Girls – HBO
Julia Louis Dreyfus – Veep – HBO
Martha PlimptonRaising Hope – FOX
Amy PoehlerParks and Recreation – NBC
Ashley RickardsAwkward – MTV

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Ty BurrellModern Family – ABC
Max GreenfieldNew Girl – FOX
Nick OffermanParks and Recreation – NBC
Danny Pudi – Community – NBC
Jim RashCommunity – NBC
Damon Wayans Jr. – Happy Endings – ABC

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy

Julie BowenModern Family – ABC
Alison BrieCommunity – NBC
Cheryl HinesSuburgatory – ABC
Gillian JacobsCommunity – NBC
Eden SherThe Middle – ABC
Casey Wilson – Happy Endings – ABC

Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series

Becky Ann Baker – Girls – HBO
Bobby CannavaleModern Family – ABC
Kathryn HahnParks and Recreation – NBC
Justin LongNew Girl – FOX
Paul RuddParks and Recreation – NBC
Peter ScolariGirls – HBO

Best Animated Series

Archer – FX
Adventure Time – Cartoon Network
Bob’s Burgers – FOX
Family Guy – FOX
Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Cartoon Network

Best Movie/Miniseries

American Horror Story – FX
Luther – BBC America
Sherlock – PBS
Page Eight – PBS
The Hour – BBC America
Game Change – HBO

Best Actor in a Movie/Miniseries

Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock – PBS
Bill NighyPage Eight – PBS
Woody HarrelsonGame Change – HBO
Idris ElbaLuther – BBC America
Dominic WestThe Hour – BBC America
Kevin CostnerHatfields & McCoys – History

Best Actress in a Movie/Miniseries

Jessica Lange – American Horror Story – FX
Gillian AndersonGreat Expectations – PBS
Julianne MooreGame Change – HBO
Patricia ClarksonFive – Lifetime
Lara Pulver – Sherlock – PBS
Emily Watson – Appropriate Adult – Sundance

Nice choicing, critics!

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best nominations ever, really
since when is American Horror Story a movie/miniseries? Or having different story lines for each season makes it a movie/miniseries? Really confused.
Different stories and characters. The producers could opt to either one and later then chose to be perceived as miniseries as it would improve the chances for the cast and crew. There u go Jessica Lange!!!
Charlie Hunnam? I am a HUGE fan of SoA, but come on! If there is a weak link in the acting chain it has to be Hunnam. He's not bad, per se, but he is far from the strongest actor on the show.
Have you guys not seen Giancarlo Esposito in Breaking Bad? They might as well not bother put anyone else as a nominee. Runaway winner for sure. What a performance!!!
Surprised that Person of Interest isn't in the list. For me it was the the biggest surprise of this year.
great line up indeed!
Wow, what a lineup. Normally I have a favourite I'm rooting for in each category, but I can't decide :)

Also, the other comments about a sci-fi category..... there should really be one. Especially with shows like Fringe and Supernatural out there. (btw, go John Noble!)
No love for Awake, I see. I would have expected to see it somewhere.
I wish this were the Emmys. These nominees reflect the best in television so much better.
Of course there isn't a category for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Drama...
When is Survivor going to get nominated for best reality competition series?I think it's about time.And why is Jeff Probst missing from the best reality show host category?

The other nominations are mostly spot on (why not Awkward for best comedy series ).

p.s.Also very happy about Cat Deeley's nomination.
surprised to see only Burrell and Bowen nominated in the acting categories for Modern Family (I would have picked other names for that show).

I also feel that with the big range of actors in the comedy field, giving 4 nomination out of 12 to Community is a bit too much (still nice to see).

All in all however, a good choice of names!
Shades of Arrested Development with Community there, no..?
Ok, if Peter Dinklage is supporting cast, who the hell is the main cast?
I understand that last season everyone was considered support but this season Dinklage was definitely the leading actor of the series. Fantastic actor!
Noone :)

Sometimes, when the cast is more of an ensemble they all just go for the supporting actor nomination. I think at first all FRIENDS also agreed only to go for the supporting nominations as they felt there are no lead actors there, but that somehow changed later :D
i'm a critic!

Best Drama Series ...homeland for best original maybe?

Game of Thrones HBO

Homeland - Showtime

Best Actor in a Drama Series ...i love timothy and justified but gotta go with damian.

Damian Lewis Homeland Showtime

Timothy Olyphant Justified FX

Best Actress in a Drama Series if claire isn't as cracked out as she appears to be on the show then her for sure. though the pupils may suggest otherwise. shameless' first season was far stronger than it's second. acting included.

Claire Danes Homeland Showtime

Emmy Rossum Shameless Showtime

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series ..dinklage is def a strong actor but he doesn't seem to be able to always pull off a sob scene. neal plays quarles perfectly. not overacted like limehouse <.<. john noble is always very very good.

Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones HBO

Neal McDonough Justified FX

John Noble Fringe FOX

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series i love kelly macdonald and boardwalk empire. can't help but think there might be a stronger supportign actress out there though. boardwalk empire is the only one i watch.

Kelly Macdonald Boardwalk Empire HBO

Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series webb was fun but no jere burns whose totally grwon on my since his stint started. been a fan of his since that usa show or whatever it was (likely syndicated and on usa.) but didn't quite appreciate him untill this last season. nice that he got a nomination.

Jere Burns Justified FX

Chloe Webb Shameless Showtime

eww @ reality shows.

kinda haven't done talk show unless desperate in quite a while.

Best Comedy Series community hands down. the show has had some of the most brilliant episodes of any show i've seen. tied with better off ted. TBBT has gone down hill. still some olaughs but too much crude humor. modern family is you know a pretty funny show ...park and recreation has maybe my favorite cast on tv if looked at as a whole.

The Big Bang Theory CBS

Community NBC

Modern Family ABC

Parks and Recreation NBC

Best Actor in a Comedy Series ..pleasently surprised by how good i felt house of lies turned out to be. don cheadle definitely partly responsible for that. joel mchale a staple of community like jim parsons is for TBBT. divided.

Don Cheadle House of Lies Showtime

Joel McHale Community NBC

Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory CBS

Best Actress in a Comedy Series amy ...only one i watch. will hold my tongue regarding veep and girls.

Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation NBC

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series ty is a staple of modern family. damon is very funny ...happy endings is not as funny as it was first season though. i feel like nick danny and jim are hugely talented and very enjoyable. hate to vote one way or another but have to give it to danny pudi who really manages to blow me away. can't believe he was in that road trip remake.

Ty Burrell Modern Family ABC

Nick Offerman Parks and Recreation NBC

Danny Pudi Community NBC

Jim Rash Community NBC

Damon Wayans Jr. Happy Endings ABC

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy ...i can definitely appreciate most of the list. i feel like cheryl hines stands out here. i've really been blown away by how enjoyable a charcter she's made dallas and she livens up the show single-handedly.

Julie Bowen Modern Family ABC

Alison Brie Community NBC

Cheryl Hines Suburgatory ABC

Gillian Jacobs Community NBC

Eden Sher The Middle ABC

Casey Wilson Happy Endings ABC

Best Guest Performer in a Comedy Series ...i'd say kathryn and paul were most memorable of the ones ...i remember or have seen. i like justin long but don't watch zooey playing zooey on new girl.

Bobby Cannavale Modern Family ABC

Kathryn Hahn Parks and Recreation NBC

Justin Long

Paul Rudd Parks and Recreation NBC

Best Animated Series ...i watch family guy of the list. i feel like american dad is just as enjoyable most of the time.

Best Movie/Miniseries american horror story was the only one i watched. it was a trip and *********SPOILER ALERT**********violet being dead really managed to catch me off guard.

Best Actor in a Movie/Miniseries a lot of talented actors listed ...only watch hatfields and mccoys and kevin costner at least did a lot better than pullman.

Bill Nighy Page Eight PBS

Woody Harrelson Game Change HBO

Idris Elba Luther BBC America

Dominic West The Hour BBC America

Kevin Costner Hatfields & McCoys History

Best Actress in a Movie/Miniseries ..lange was definitely quite impressive in AHS.

Bob's Burgers deserves the award this year. They've had an excellent season, and the third one is only going to get better.
Its just too bad its "Bob's" against "Archer" which also had a great season. Wonder which one H. Jon Benjamin is pulling for.
Finally some love for the "SoA" but no Ron Perlman in Supp. Actor (not to mention McDonough instead of Walton Goggins)? That ain't right.
I hope Regina king wins for her role on southland.
I agree with the Tim about how Tim Surette sucks. But hey, how is Kevin Costner nominated already for Hatfields and McCoys, but that itself wasn't even nominated? Something is weird here.
I agree with the nominations, all except one: Best Supporting Male in a Comedy... Why is Donald Glover from Community not on that list? Jim Rash as Dean Pelton is great, and Abed is just about everyone's favorite (me included), but Donald Glover is the funniest person on Community! Uhh, da doy!
Wow. That's a pretty nice list. Shows that are amazing got nominated, shows that barely started and were new and amazing got nominated, amazing shows that don't usually get nominated got nominated. Same for the actors/actresses.
CCTA, thanks for giving Community the publicity it deserves. A show this great has gone way too long under the mainstream radar. Hopefully, Community and Parks & Rec can split the awards together.

Also, totally thrilled for Bob's Burgers' nod. Alriiiight!
Wow...Agree with almost all the nominations...Quite a new experience, not having to complain about critics getting everything wrong! The only thing I don't agree with is Girls, and although I haven't seen it, I like all the other nominations for best comedy, and think Happy Endings should be added to that list, because I feel that it's definitely one of the best comedies out there at the moment
I began watching Girls with no assumptions, even when people started writing about it being indie for the sake of being indie, and I enjoy watching it to a certain extend.

But in no way does it make me laugh the way some of the others shows, which are nominated for best Comedy, and while it's clearly a heavily serialized show, I'm not more invested in these characters than say the cast of TBBT.
Wow, I am impressed - for once an awards panel I would be hard pressed to ID a clear top choice in the categories I follow - and yet have a worthy recipient chosen regardless.

I would prefer to see Walton Goggins receive a nomination for Justified, but I admit Neal McDonough gave me goosebumps several times with his terrifying performance as Quarles.

I am thrilled to see Southland receiving richly deserved attention - best cop show since The Wire. Regina, you are amazing.

Yeah for you Aaron Paul! No matter what, you have given us astounding performances.

But the best news is JOHN NOBLE!!! Richly deserved, late in coming but FINALLY this worthy actor receives a bit of the recognition he deserves.
So glad Community got that many nominations, as well as Mosern Family and Parks and Rec. I watch Most of the comedies nominated apart from girls, which I will probably check out when it comes to the UK. As for drama, Homeland, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are no-brainers - going to be tough to choose a winner there.
Danny Pudi definately needs to win. Not because i'm a community fan boy and am one eyed because there are a tonne of tallented actors listed, but because he's incredibly gifted and deserves recognition for it
This is a wet dream for Community fans. If Jim Rash or Dani Pudi don't win that'd be a shame. I pray that over hyped Modern Family crap won't beat them.
Four shows I'm rooting for, Downton Abbey, Fringe, SHERLOCK, and, duh, Community!!!
JOHN NOBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay for Jessica Lange and AHS and all the GIRLS nominations
Eww, if The Big Bang Theory wins any of those awards I'm gonna seriously puke out all of my innards. Go Community!

Side note: for best supporting actress in a comedy, I'm between Julie Bowen and Alison Brie. Either one would be a great choice!
Alright, so Alison Brie? Because sometimes Julie Bowen really just makes me cringe, don't really like her, and Alison Brie is always amazing.

Surprised that donald glover hasn't been nominated as best supporting actor in a comedy, but I guess they didn't want all the nominations to be from community? And actually, all of those nominations are great, although I'm hoping for Danny Pudi or Damon Wayans Jr. to win it
I'm so glad Community is getting some love. Hopefully it gets some awards here and come Season 4, viewership will increase!

Totally happy about John Noble's nomination! GO FRINGE! If only the Emmys would give the man some love too.

I'm also super excited to see Sherlock nominated for Best Miniseries, and Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated for Best Actor in a Miniseries. The show is crazy fantastic; I've been obsessed with it since I saw it.
Homeland is extremely overrated.
Started so well and then became predictable. The Finale was a pain to see, so predictable it was!
While I LOVE Community, I won't think any awards show is credible until NCIS is recognized.
hahaha.... right...
Cool, Adventure Time was nominated. I'm Glad to see Homeland was nominated.
Community!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I will just say that if the Emmys look anything like this, I will be a very happy human being. I could not believe what I was seeing when I saw the nominations. Everything seemed so right. Modern Family didn't hog the acting nominations, John Noble got in there, and both Giancarlo Esposito and Aaron Paul got nominated! So Happy! Now lets pray they pick the right winners.
Modern Family deserves to "hog" the ratings but I am delighted that Community did on this occasion.
a watchable awards show gasp
These guys have better taste than the people responsible for the Emmy nominations, but it's ridiculous that Walton Goggins and Donald Glover aren't nominated. Walton has been better than ever and deserves to win. But his category is the toughest one of all, with Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage, John Noble and Giancarlo Esposito. In fact, I would say that all of those guys are better than all the other nominees in all the other categories, except Danny Pudi (Abed). The only comedy actor who's as good as Danny Pudi is Donald Glover (Troy).
Only gripe I can possibly legitimately come up with is no nomination for Jason Isaacs from Awake.

But i love the nomination for John Noble and all the Community noms!!
Oh my god, John Noble's name is actually there. If Anna Torv was up it would be complete.
sounds like these people actually watch good tv.....
Agreed! Pretty awesome nominations list! Every category could be a 4-way tie. Question: How did Girls and Veep get nominated already?? They just came out and are too early on in their first seasons. I don't like that.

My picks:

Best Drama: Homeland

Best Actor / Drama: Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad

Best Actress / Drama: Claire Danes - Homeland

Best Sup. Actor / Drama: Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones

Best Sup. Actress / Drama: Christine Baranski The Good Wife

Best Guest Performance / Drama: Lucy Liu - Southland

Best Reality Series: Undercover Boss - CBS

Best Reality Series - Competition: The Amazing Race - CBS

Best Reality Show Host: Phil Keoghan The Amazing Race CBS

Best Talk Show: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Comedy Central

Best Comedy Series: The Big Bang Theory (yes, I'd love for Community to win, but I don't think it will based on this past season)

Best Actor / Comedy: Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory CBS

Best Actress / Comedy: Martha Plimpton Raising Hope FOX (also love that Ashley Rickards got a nom here!)

Best Sup. Actor / Comedy: Max Greenfield New Girl FOX (Schmidt!)

Best Sup. Actress / Comedy: Eden Sher The Middle ABC (She is AWESOME as Sue Heck)

Best Guest Performance / Comedy: Kathryn Hahn Parks and Recreation NBC

Best Animated Series: Archer - FX

Best Movie / Miniseries: Sherlock - PBS

Best Actor / Movie or Miniseries: Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock PBS

Best Actress / Movie or Miniseries: Jessica Lange American Horror Story FX (not even close; one of the finest acting performances of our lifetime)

Best Drama Series, Breaking Bad AMC

Best Actor in a Drama Series, Jon Hamm - AMC

Best Actress in a Drama Series, Emmy Rossum Shameless Showtime

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones HBO

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Kelly Macdonald Boardwalk Empire HBO

Best Reality Series, Pawn Stars - History Channel

Best Comedy Series, The Big Bang Theory CBS

Best Animated Series, Adventure Time - Cartoon Network

Best Movie/Miniseries, American Horror Story FX

Best Actress in a Movie/Miniseries, Jessica Lange American Horror Story FX

Thems da breaks.

cool cool cool this IS spot on!
Where's Awake in all this?, Best Drama and Best Actor surely.
I could definitely see a nomination for Best Actor in a Drama for Jason Isaacs -- he was nothing short of incredible -- but for Best Drama overall, I don't see it as having been better than any of the nominations already there (maybe Mad Men, but that's only because I'm not a fan of period stuff).
Jason Isaacs was great, but Awake is nowhere near the best shows of the past few years: Breaking Bad, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Homeland.
I'd say Awake was up there with those shows you listed. :)
Supporting Actor in a Drama category is stacked!
Why is American Horror Story a miniseries? Now I'm torn between that and Luther!!!
I was thinking that too. Apparently it qualifies as a miniseries if it has a finite story, which AHS has. It has a new story with new characters each season.
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