Community: What's in Store for the Rest of Season 3

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We're still taking champagne and chicken-finger baths in celebration of this week's announcement that NBC has re-scheduled Community. For those who are streets behind, the NBC comedy will return on Thursday, March 15 in its old 8pm slot, and run through the rest of the season.

So what can we expect when it comes back? Let's review what we know about the second half of Season 3, which isn't a whole lot, but does include a shocking storyline and some cool guest stars.

Gus Fring Will Guest-Star

Giancarlo Esposito, who played one of the scariest TV villains of all time on AMC's Breaking Bad, will drop by for an episode. He's playing a man named Gilbert, the longtime assistant to Pierce Hawthorne's racist business mogul dad. The folk behind Community went after him because they're also fans of Breaking Bad (obviously), and the role of Gilbert called for someone who can stay calm, which Esposito did with ease as Gus Fring on the AMC hit. According to TV Guide, the role was pitched to him very late, and he accepted because "normally when they try to get someone of note to come on the show it falls through, so [he] decided to make their dreams come true." We sense a bit of sarcasm and a lot of awesomeness. [TV Guide]

Someone Will Die

We covered this last week, but basically, Joel McHale admitted that a character we've seen a lot will be killed off. His remarks also implied the soon-to-be-ex-character will be male. But who will it be? It won't be a member of the main cast. Leonard? Starburns? The Human Being (who is genderless, technically)? We'll have to wait to find out. [TV Guide]

The "I'm a PC" Guy Is Dropping By

Actor John Hodgman, who's probably best known as the PC foil to Justin Long's Mac in the popular series of Apple ads and who is also a correspondent on The Daily Show, will guest-star in a later episode of the season. Details of his role are being kept under wraps, but apparently landing Hodgman was a dream of series creator Dan Harmon's. Let's hope the role makes good use of Hodgman's mustache. [THR]

There Will Be a Law & Order Parody

There aren't a whole lot of details on episode plots out there, but one that we know is coming includes an homage to the long-running crime procedural Law & Order. The episode even has a fantastic title that honors Dick Wolf, the creator of the show: "Basic Lupine Urology." And early word says the trademark "DUN-DUN" will be used. We find the idea of this episode to be GUILTY! Of getting us excited! Side note: I have been held in contempt of court for being corny. [TV Line]

Alan Connor Will Return for the Finale

The newsiest news of Community news is that Rob Corddry will return to the show for the Season 3 finale. If you'll recall, Corddry played Jeff's classmate from law school Alan Connor, the man who turned Jeff in for not having a legitimate law degree. The two will battle each other in a sort-of mock trial on campus, with Alan representing Pierce in a case against Shirley, who'll be represented by Jeff. The dispute is over a sandwich business that the two started. Apparently this is different from the Law & Order episode. [EW]

War Will Break Out

Troy and Abed will revisit their fondness for blanket forts, this time building a mega-complex out of comforters in an attempt to break the world record. But the pressure of making the most awesome sheet structure gets to them and... they turn on each other, leaving the rest of the gang to choose sides in a two-episode battle! How could you choose between Troy and Abed? That's like choosing sides in a pillow fight between Annie and Britta. [TV Line]

Which upcoming Community guest-star or storyline are you looking forward to most?

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