Conan O'Brien Opens Up This Sunday

... Under his agreement with NBC, Conan O'Brien isn't allowed to do interviews until May 1. In related news, Conan O'Brien has announced the date of his first interview since being shafted by NBC. The redhead is wasting no time, and will talk to 60 Minutes this Sunday. Unfortunately he's contractually prohibited from saying bad things about NBC and Jay Leno—he was paid handsomely not to do so—so Conan may simply imply that NBC is a jerk and that Jay Leno is a douchebag. [The Wrap]

... Ailing rocker Bret Michaels has a new visitor in the hospital: seizures! The Rock of Love star and Celebrity Apprentice contestant is in critical but stable condition in the hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage last week, and one side effect has been seizures. No joke here, people. [USA Today]

... Jean-Claude Van Damme is NOT washed up! Don't you say that! Bloodsport is one of the best movies ever made! Anyway, Van Damme has agreed to be the subject of a UK reality show that will follow him as he prepares to make a comeback in the martial arts scene. But only because he wants to, not because he needs to. [The Sun]

... Brothers & Sisters is upping Dancing With the Stars runner-up Gilles Marini to series regular next season. While he's being promoted, Luke Grimes will be let go. Ze French are taking over! Soon we'll all be eating baguettes and wearing berets. [EW]

... Glee continues to be the season's most blah-blah'd about new hit, and last night's episode drew an impressive 5.3 rating among 18-49 year olds. That makes it the highest-rated single episode of a new scripted show this season, beating those chumps over at Modern Family. Reality smash hit Undercover Boss is the highest-rated new show overall. [The Live Feed]

... Ricky Gervais will host the Golden Globes again next year, because he's five types of awesome and six types of wicked with a splash of Blimey! [The Live Feed]

... How many TVs do you have in your household? Go ahead and answer that in the comments. Me, I have one. Just one. Which is well below the new national average of 2.93 TV sets. Don't get me wrong, if I could have 50 TVs I would, but I don't want all those remotes lying around. [The Live Feed]

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