Conan Returns to TV, As Interpreted by the Taiwanese News

These videos never get old.

Lost's Jorge Garcia recorded this little video while he was on the set of How I Met Your Mother.

Here's a swoon-worthy preview of Darren Criss singing Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" to Kurt on an upcoming episode of Glee. Holy crap.

David Sedaris and Jon Stewart always have a good time together.

Bones' Emily Deschanel visited the Late Show for the first time on Friday night.


... Conan O'Brien sure has pulled a lot of wacky stunts in order to promote his new show!

... Twitter even gave Conan a shout-out—check out the pale whale.

... And be sure to read Conan's interview in Playboy.

... The other late night hosts are busting out the big guns this week in anticipation of the premiere of Conan.

... The Office's Rainn Wilson is all over the home page of "The Nest."

... Today is Kathy Griffin's 50th birthday!

... Here are some pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee.

... Soon we'll be watching 3D hologram TV. Gross.

... Saturday Night Live probably isn't going to release any more individual season DVD sets. Bummer.

... Listen to a sampling from the 30 Rock soundtrack!

... Many actors over the years have played against their type in great guest-star roles.

... Here's an interview with upcoming Glee guest star Carol Burnett.

... How do you think the humans on The Walking Dead learn how to shoot zombies? Why, with these target practice posters, of course.

... Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria Parker hosted the MTV Europe Music Awards last night—and wore a lot of outfits.

... This might be the most phenomenal puzzle solve in Wheel of Fortune history.

... The Obamas can really bust a move, can't they?

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Nov 10, 2010
I knew the SNL season sets were going to hit a wall. The first five years are already out, which meant the next set would be the infamous Jean Doumanian season.
Nov 08, 2010
That was a pretty impressive puzzle solve.
Nov 08, 2010
Man I hope this means Kurt truly has new boyfriend. Its about time!!
Nov 08, 2010
I love the Wheel of Fortune thing.

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