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Conan's Debut Beats Leno, Letterman

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... If you watched even a microsecond of playoff baseball on TBS, then you know that Conan debuted last night. Curiosity got the best of people, and the new late-night talk show drew in 4.2 million viewers and a 3.3 rating among adults, beating both The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman. Way to go Conan! Maybe now you'll stop whining. [Forbes]

... Tim Allen was a comedy god back when Home Improvement was on. Now he may take back his crown as king of TV with a new sitcom. ABC bought Man Up, a comedy about a man trying to retain his masculinity while surrounded by women. Another winner for Tim Allen! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Jenny McCarthy is retuning to Two and a Half Men! *crickets* Oh, well excuuuuuuse me! [EW]

... OMG I totally got an update from Joe Jonas (he's the totally cute one!) on Twitter and he sounded so sad. :( So I checked my Joe Jonas Google Alerts and I think I know why! Disney totally canceled his show JONAS L.A.! Wut!?!? OMG I hate Disney so much I could die! [TV Guide]

... Fox is working on a new drama called Full Nelson. It's set in the 1980s and follows a woman as she rises through the ranks of the music business. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the project, partly because its loosely based on Kathy Nelson, a Universal and Disney exec who helped work on the music for several Bruckheimer films. Wow, it must be awesome to be part of Hollywood's elite and have a TV show made about your life because you know the right people. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rebecca Mader, who played Charlotte on Lost, is booked for an appearance on ABC's No Ordinary Family. She'll play a co-worker of Stephanie's. Look for her episode in January. [TV Guide]

... IFC is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels, and it's because of ideas like these on the network's development slate: Cartoon Show, in which iconic cartoon characters struggle to create a daily variety show. Chosen Guns, which spoofs police procedurals with loser cops. Hero House, in which real-life "super heroes" join forces to clean up the streets of a lucky city. Weird stuff, dude. Love it. [Deadline Hollywood]

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