Conchords to fly in '09

It's a bit of a risk giving two relatively unknown comedians from New Zealand their own show, but HBO had enough confidence in the guitar-toting duo Flight of the Conchords to go ahead with it. The cable network went ahead with the gamble and hatched the debut season of Flight of the Conchords last July with all the gusto of superfan Mel, and let's just say things went well.

In a year which saw Showtime gain serious ground in the pay-cable market and a domestic violence charge against its CEO, HBO at least had one feel-good story in Flight of the Conchords. The show was acclaimed by critics and stoners alike, and nabbed a nomination from the Writers Guild of America Awards.

The comedy follows Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie playing toned-down versions of themselves trying to be a successful musical act in New York. They have an incompetent manager, one obsessed fan, and play venues like airport bars. The real draw comes during the few musical numbers in each episode, which are the basis of their stand-up act.

After only a few strums of one of the duo's patented side-splitting musical numbers in season one, word-of-mouth spread like wildfire and HBO ordered a second season in August.

However, only the most prolific musical acts can release an album--let alone produce a half-hour comedy--once a year. Thus, it looks like the second season of Flight of the Conchords won't return in 2008.

On the duo's MySpace page, they confirm that the second season is definitely in the works, but confess that it may not air until 2009. "Yes we are working on season two of the show, it looks like it will air in January of next year," they say.

In the meantime, fans will likely be able to catch a few of the new ditties (as well as some classics--"That's why they call them business socks! Oooh!") on their current tour, which lands in North America in May.

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