Confirmed: Las Vegas leveled

Late last week, reports began hitting the Web saying that Las Vegas was not exactly tight with Lady Luck. The NBC drama was reportedly the first victim of the poststrike era, and was being cancelled part of the way through its fifth season.

Earlier this week, show runner Gary Scott Thompson confirmed the news to, saying, "The strike did us in." NBC has yet to comment on the decision.

For fans of the show, the news is particularly biting. The last episode filmed before the strike stopped production ended on a cliffhanger and was meant to be part one of a two-part episode. Now, it's unlikely that the loose ends will ever be tied up, and Thompson doesn't sound too positive on the possibility of resolving things with a straight-to-DVD episode or two-hour wrap-up finale.

"At the end of the day, that's NBC's decision," Thompson told TVGuide. "It's a monetary decision. You know, I sold my soul to get a season five, so I didn't have a soul left to sell. We fought an uphill battle from day one. We were the little big show that could."

As is the case with recently canceled shows, fans are rallying around a "save the show" campaign by sending in items to the network that axed the show. This time, fans are sending in baby booties, given that two characters were just about to become parents before the show ended.

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