Confused about where your shows went this week?

Thankfully, they've also been very understanding, as news of the bushfires was far more important and networks had to adjust schedules on a day-to-day basis.

So here's a bit of a heads up as to where we stand.

For the most part, episodes that didn't air will simply reappear in their new timeslot next week.

That means 24 is back this Sunday at 10:30pm (its regular slot), an episode of 30 Rock with Oprah guest starring will be Monday night, Ghost Whisperer and 20 to 1 are held over to next Thursday, and Cold Case is back next Wednesday night.

If you hadn't already realised, Kitchen Nightmares USA was quietly dumped entirely by Nine, which will be replaced by CSI: Miami from next Thursday. Remaining episodes of Celebrity Singing Bee are also unconfirmed with Getaway due to return from next week.

Channel Nine is also adding late repeats of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to weeknights from around 11:30pm from Monday. Lookout David Letterman...

TEN's schedule has remained largely intact, with the exception of some Out of the Blue episodes on Sundays. It's struggling in the early evening slot anyway, so don't be surprised if it goes too. Produced as a five-night-a-week stripped show it's a pretty disappointing way to treat the show.

Even the ABC had to hold over some of its shows to cover the fires. Documentary series Wild Caribbean episodes are all screening a week later than intended while Collectors is also back on Friday the 20th.

If you look in guides (and online ones are always more up-to-date than print) there are also repeat screenings of several shows you may have missed this week including Underbelly, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. All four Home and Away eps will screen Sunday from 2:30pm. Check HD channels for "encores" too.

Still to come are premieres of Guerilla Gardeners, Aussie Ladette to Lady, 60 Minutes, Without a Trace, CSI and a new Aussie drama on the ABC, The Cut.

Check guides for further changes! No, really…

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