Conspiracy 365: 'February' Photo Recap

Episode two (or "February", as it's known to its friends) sees Cal run away from thugs, cops and regular bystanders ... at least twice for each group. Boy's gettin' fit.

The episode opens with Cal being saved from the vat of oil by a girl named Winter (seen briefly in the last episode -- the girl who was being taken to the ballet by lead male thug, Vulcan), who seems to be Vulcan's daughter.

They escape from the yard with their torches bobbing wildly, making them extremely easy to spot (but apparently not for these thugs).

Kelvin's in his car, still tracking Cal -- we guess the tracking device was inserted into his leg, then; no phone could've survived that oil tank.

Winter takes Cal to a car wash to get the oil off, and then talks him into breaking into a house to steal a locket that supposedly rightfully belongs to her. You're already a fugitive, Cal, why not be liable for a few extra crimes? Stealing a $5 locket is nothing in comparison to bludgeoning your little sister.

Winter goes inside the house and tells the unkempt-looking blonde woman there that she wants to see Bruno (we guess it's his house, then), and that she'll wait for him. Pretty lucky that this girl was sleeping on the couch downstairs rather than in the bedroom that Cal's breaking into, eh?

Cal makes various loud noises while breaking in upstairs (no one ever called "psycho kid" subtle), and Winter tries to cover for him. Bruno arrives home and demands to know why she's there, which is quite the way to speak to your boss's daughter. She babbles incoherently about car parts while Cal grabs the locket and gets out. Luckily, Bruno doesn't think to look around much when he sees that the balcony door is open. He just does a sort of token peer.

Winter leaves abruptly and gets into a taxi; Cal forces his way in with her, demanding answers. She reveals that Vulcan is her guardian, not her father, and that her parents died in a car accident. The locket was given to her by her parents.

Cal takes her back to his "hideout", which has been trashed (or maybe he's just messy). She spots the angel drawing on the wall, and says she'll take him to it another time. Putting her number in his phone (which apparently did survive being submerged in a tank of oil), she leaves, with a blithe "call me!" She probably put her number under the name "Booty Call", are we right?


Anyway, Kelvin's parked outside the hideout, still watching his tracking map, when two police officers pull up. They enter the building where Cal is; he hears noises, and hides. Thank goodness everyone makes such loud noises when sneaking around in this show, or the plot would just be completely foiled.

Luckily, the police don't know how to look under anything, and he almost gets away unnoticed by hiding underneath a table. He doesn't even manage that, though, because he emerges before the coast is clear, and so the police chase him out of the building. So off he goes, running away again. Teen-fugitive status is certainly good for one's exercise regime! He escapes, of course (even with telltale torch bobbing wildly again). Seriously, where did these police officers train -- the academy of uselessness?

The next morning, Oriana (Julia Zemiro) is furiously riding an exercise bike, as Jake, a younger man (we suppose her personal trainer, or perhaps toyboy), urges her onwards. He is played by James Sorensen, who used to play Declan in Neighbours -- but didn't he leave Neighbours to join the army? Any excuse to get out of Neighbours, eh?

Kelvin turns up and tells them that Cal has relocated to "the rail yards". Sounds sinister! When whiney Kelvin goes to bed, Oriana tells Jake that she has the Ormond Riddle, and that they must keep tracking Cal in case his father hid some info on it before he died. Thanks for the tip-off, girl! Now we know what's going on: she has the riddle, and Vulcan has the jewel.

Cal calls his friend Boges and tells him where he is, because that's just such a safe thing to do over a phone line while in public. Boges' end of the conversation ("Hey Cal! ... The rail yards?!") is practically yelled, so there goes all hope of secrecy.

Over at the house of Winter and Vulcan (coolest names ever?), Vulcan interrogates her about her 2am visit to Bruno. She brushes it off fairly easily, claiming that she went for a walk because she couldn't sleep, and was thinking about buying a car, so she just dropped in on Bruno as a "spur-of-the-moment" thing. Vulcan tells her fondly that when his "princess" is 16, they'll go buy a car for her together -- during the day.

A lingerie-clad woman enters the room and says good morning with a big, sloppy kiss for Vulcan, then wanders off again. Winter makes a disparaging comment, and Vulcan tells her to behave. Winter's funny.

Boges brings Cal a pie to eat; Cal complains about the lack of sauce; Boges complains about the lack of people on Facebook who don't think Cal is guilty. Cal tells him to steal (from his mother's bedroom, no less) a card that his grandfather sent to his mother, as it will have his grandfather's address on it, so Cal will be able to ask his grandfather about the Ormond Singularity junk. Boges is quietly disgusted about the thought of going into his mate's mother's bedroom.

The police, meanwhile, are discussing how they found Cal the night before, discussing his easy escape, discussing coffee and then discussing the fact that their forensics department has come back with something that "the family isn't gonna like". Is it blood spatter? Should we get Dexter all up in that?

Boges rocks up at Rafe's house to see Cal's mum, and Rafe lets him in. So, what, do they just live together now? Is he moving in on his brother's wife less than two months after his brother's death? Classy!

The police turn up while Boges is there, and inform Cal's mum that Cal's fingerprints are on the gun that shot Rafe.

Later that day, Bruno picks up Winter from school (in his WRX, of course) and gives her the third degree about his girlfriend's missing locket, which happened to disappear the night that Winter came over at 2am. Winter feigns a lack of knowledge on the topic, and gets away with her "it-must-have-been-a-coincidence" excuse surprisingly easily. Gosh, the adults in this show are so smart.

A woman from the arts section of a newspaper turns up to interview Vulcan about his interest in the ballet. Vulcan goes on and on about his "shady past", saying that his life changed when he became the guardian of then-10-year-old Winter. The reporter shows absolutely no emotion whatsoever during the whole interview, not even during the story of the tragic and untimely death of Winter's parents.

She also doesn't react in the slightest when he jokes about how he killed his own parents. No alarm, no frightened giggle; nothing. Is she a robot? Perhaps one that is key to the Ormond Singularity?

Winter soon arrives home, and gives them weird looks when Vulcan says to the reporter that his money means nothing "next to the beautiful Winter". Yes, we believe you!

A few days later, the police interview students at Cal's high school. Boges tells them that Cal didn't shoot his uncle, and the police look quietly disbelieving.

Cal and Boges meet up again (any competent police department would be following Boges at this point, but never mind), and come up with the idea to make a video of Cal telling his story.

We then get a montage of every character watching the video on YouTube and saying "yeah, right" or words to that effect.

We get another glimpse of Oriana, who's laughing over Vulcan being in the arts section of a newspaper while Jake makes her a smoothie. She implies that Vulcan killed Winter's parents in order to get all of their money, and Jake says he's impressed that Vulcan got away with it all. When he asks Oriana whether she knows Vulcan, she deftly skirts the question. Maybe they used to be lovers? K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Later that month, the police, with Cal's mother standing shiftily in the background, appeal to the public for information on Cal's whereabouts.

You guys, we should totally ring that 1800 number and tell them where Cal is. If there's a monetary reward, then we are all up in that.

The public appeal asks Cal himself ("if you're watching this") to basically turn himself in. Yeah, because we're so sure that:

a) Cal is hanging out somewhere cushy that has a TV

(b) Is going to turn himself in when he knows they think he's guilty.

Cal, meanwhile, is walking around in broad daylight buying pies.

He gets back to his hangout at the railway yard, but a pair of territorial randoms sneak up on him and steal his backpack. He tackles the main one to the ground and steals it back, and a chase scene ensues.

He runs right by a guy that looks almost like his twin, which is weird. He doesn't stop, though; he just keeps running, and manages to elude them all. We have an annotated picture to assist you in imagining this confusing chase scene:

Boges takes Cal to a new place to live: a ramshackle old house. Cal is quietly disgusted by the gross toilet, but is soon looking through his father's drawings yet again. You've got to hand it to him; he's persistent. Cal calls the hospice to talk to the nurse who sent the drawings, but is told that she works somewhere else now. They refuse to give Cal her details.

Oriana and Jake, meanwhile, are exiting a courthouse, discussing the fact that charges have been dropped because the eye witness admitted they were mistaken. About what, and who, is not mentioned. She's wearing a black robe; is she a lawyer?

Cal sneaks over to the house where he was kidnapped the first time to investigate, but, before he can go in, the electronic gate opens. He hides, and sees Oriana and Jake pull into the house. He recognises her by her shoes. Inside the house, they discuss the Ormond Singularity, with Oriana sitting in her study and looking at a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, and reading the laminated Ormond Riddle. Cal sneaks up behind them and takes a photo of her through the window with his phone.

He shows the picture to Boges later, and Boges exclaims, "That's Oriana de la Force! She's a lawyer!" Apparently she's been on the news for withholding evidence?

The boys look at the drawings again, including one that they've certainly never shown us before of a sphinx. Boges says that there's a Riddle of the Sphinx myth associated with the Sphinx, and concludes that Cal's dad must have drawn that picture just to tell Cal that there's an Ormond riddle.

Boges then runs off because he's got a cleaning job to get to -- that's how he's been paying for food, clothes and phone equipment for Cal. Cal doesn't look nearly as guilty and grateful as he should.

Cal rings Winter, and she asks whether he's busy tonight (he says: "Yeah, thought I might have a few friends around" LOL). They meet that night, and she takes him to a church, where the Ormond Angel is depicted on a stained-glass window. Winter says she'd been there for a school excursion to learn about the history of WWI. They see a plaque beneath the window, which reads: "Sacred to the memory of Piers Ormond; killed at Pozieres 1916".

Finding the angel spurs Cal on to use a website to trace his family history. He manages to trace it back to Piers. Cal rings the hospice and pretends to be Australia Post, and manages to get a contact number for Jennifer Smith (the nurse who said she has Cal's father's memory stick). Tricky!

He calls her and arranges to meet her in a public place, during daylight. Way to trust someone who got you kidnapped last time!

Bruno is chatting with his co-thug about kidnapping Cal and sticking him in the oil tank again, because that worked so well last time. They corner Kelvin in a bar and threaten him about finding Cal.

Cal turns up at the "city plaza" just in time to hear an announcement declaring his height, weight and looks. Awkward! He walks over to Jennifer Smith, yelling her name and drawing far too much attention to himself, and other people notice him and run after him. Cal runs away with the men chasing after him, and the police join in pretty quickly. He jumps off a wall and cuts his leg open, but keeps running. Hardcore!

By the way, how is this at all the summer season?

Sure, it's been pretty cool this summer, but we certainly don't have winter trees. Get it together, props department!

Cal turns up in an emergency room, and gets stitched up by a doctor who apparently does not watch the news or question his patients about who they are or ask for their Medicare details. Handy! A man gets wheeled past Cal on a bed, screaming.

Meanwhile, Winter overhears Vulcan and Bruno talking about catching Cal, and rings to warn him that they've found out from Kelvin where he is. Cal is told by his doctor that he has to stay in hospital for a few hours in case he goes into shock from the local anaesthetic.

The man who was wheeled in after Cal starts screaming for the doctors to let him go, so they tranquillise him with a needle. Cal gets out of his bed, and, while the doctors are distracted, grabs some of the needles and leaves. He picks up Winter's call in the parking lot, and she tells him to run just as Bruno squeals over in his WRX. Cal limps away, still managing to outpace Bruno with a stitched-up leg. He makes it all the way to a train station and runs along the tracks (so safe), where Bruno finally manages to tackle him. Our legs hurt in sympathy!

Cal, however, is much smarter than a common thug, and he manages to tranquillise Bruno by stabbing him with one of the stolen needles. Bruno passes out, and Cal wriggles out from under him and starts to run away -- but then he hears the blaring horn of an oncoming train (because they just blow their horns randomly). He turns around and pulls Bruno off the tracks just in time. Cal, however, gets his own foot stuck in the tracks, and instead of pulling his foot out, he just waves his arms around, trying to get the train driver's attention. Do you know how long it takes to stop a train?

It doesn't look like the train will brake in time, but the episode ends there, so I guess we'll never know. Goodbye, Cal!

Police chases: 2 (escaping his hideout; escaping the city plaza)

Thug chases: 2 (escaping the oil tank; escaping the hospital)

Passerby chases: 2 (escaping the rail yards; escaping the city plaza)

Conspiracy 365 airs on FMC on the first Saturday of every month, 7pm AEDST.

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