Continuum "Split Second" Review: Let's Make a Deal

Continuum S02E02: "Split Second"

So Sonya and Travis were a thing back when she was trying to reproduce the super soldier serum for the corporations—which, for the record, never works out well for anybody—and the order to terminate her project/boyfriend was what inspired her to go all Liber8 on everyone. That's sweet. That's also awkward. I'd say it sucks to be Travis, but he seemed generally okay with the situation, what with his "It's all going according to plan! Mwahahaha!" *mustache twirl* 

Kiera, meanwhile, was way less enthusiastic, and encouraged Alec to stick to the timeline so as to avoid horribly changing the future she plans to return to. Eventually. Somehow. Methinks she's gonna be thrilled to find out that Kellog lifted the future CEO of the world out of the suckass retail hell of Memory Express and plopped him onto a boat full of buxom babes, not to mention provided him with unlimited funds, such that he can build Sadtech in whatever manner he chooses.

Poor Alec, he just wants to have all of the money and all of the frisky women and all of the power without selling his soul. Alec's struggle made a nice counter plot to Kiera and Travis's jailbreak/car chase shenanigans—which were fun and all, but not terribly deep or meaningful or anything. I'm nervous about Alec's decision to bail on his retail job because sucky jobs really do build character and most of us who've worked them are better for it; the fact that he ditched the gig after one spilled slushy and one grumpy manager kiiiiiind of made him look like a brat. However, Kellog offered Alec a real opportunity to pursue his dreams on a tangible level—even if that opportunity reeked of "this is probably a bad idea." 

Alec didn't go into the deal totally blind, though—it's not like he has no idea who Kellog is and thanks to that message from his future self, Alec has a vague hint of who he could become. The problem, of course, is that Alec doesn't have a clue whether the old dude is a good witch or a bad witch—and if you're at all familiar with Wicked, that whole argument immediately gets a lot more complicated. Like Kellog said when Alec bluntly asked, the answer to the question of whether the Alec of 2077 is a good guy or a bad guy really depends on who you ask and how they look at it. 

The ambiguity of good and bad on Continuum followed Kiera and Carlos during their mission to escort Travis to a new prison away from Julian—because someone finally realized that letting those two chat it up in the courtyard was probably a bad idea and also Travis killed the shit out of half a dozen Aryan Nation fanboys. When he wasn't gloating about how Liber8 had already changed the future and there was nothing Kiera could do about it, Travis took some time away from his busy schedule of monologing to helpfully point out that Kiera was totally fighting for the wrong side and she just didn't realize it yet. 

The thing is... he's right

Liber8 is awful and villainous, and its members have killed a bunch of people—they continue to kill a bunch of people. That definitely needs to be stopped. However, the corporations that LIber8 is fighting against and the future they're trying to change aren't exactly good. If we're truly cheering for the greater good here, then the only apparent solution is to destroy both sides and completely rewrite history. That's a potentially dangerous prospect for anyone running around present-day Vancouver from the future—what if you prevent your own birth? Or that of your loved ones? What if you just end up making things worse? It also definitely doesn't gel with Kiera's keep-the-timeline-intact mentality, which means that there are some tough choices waiting for her in the future... it's just not the future she wants to be in.

With Travis freed, Sonya's authority is already on shaky ground—there's potential for Liber8 to be divided into two factions, each one allied with different leaders and potentially different master plans. It's a small step toward giving fate more paths to choose from on the way to the future by splintering what was once a set of only two choices, Liber8 or corporations, into three: Sonya, Travis, or the corporations. And there's still room for more, depending on whether Kiera encourages the partnership between Alec and Kellog or rejects it, and whether Kellog's influence prevents Alec from making the mistakes his older self aimed to correct, or causes them. 

"Split Second" was a strong follow-up to last week's "Second Chances," and while the jailbreak and car chase went on a little long for my personal taste, Garza being all BAMF with the helicopter rescue and Keira's Matrix-y bullet trick were worth the more mind-numbing parts. This was only the second episode of the season and I already feel like SO MANY THINGS have happened—in a good and exciting way,  not in a messy and confusing way. L8ter, kids!


– Did Alec make the right choice?

– Travis vs. Sonya: whose side are you on? 

Ed. note: We'll be sticking with weekly reviews of Continuum at least for the foreseeable future, based on your comments and the results of last week's poll. As such, if you've already seen future episodes, please play along by avoiding spoilers in the comments!

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