Cops L.A.C. cast on the beat for Nine

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Kate Ritchie, Gary Sweet, Martin Dingle Wall and Roy Billing join Nine's new police drama.

Channel Nine has confirmed the cast for its new police beat drama, Cops L.A.C.

Kate Ritchie will star as Detective Senior Constable Samantha Cooper, reunited with former Home and Away star Martin Dingle Wall (Rescue: Special Ops, Underbelly, Satisfaction) as her partner, Detective Senior Constable Rhys Llewellyn.

The "Local Area Command" cops will also include Tom O'Sullivan (Home and Away, Rain Shadow) as Senior Constable Nathan Holt, Ria Vandervis (Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters, Rescue: Special Ops) as Senior Constable Roxanne Perez, Kelly Paterniti (Packed to the Rafters, Stormworld) as Probationary Constable Priscilla Smith and Graeme Squires (Home and Away) as Probationary Constable Daniel Vandermark.

As their seniority, Gary Sweet (Police Rescue, The Circuit, Stingers) plays Superintendent Jack Finch and Denise Roberts (G.P., Always Greener) is Inspector Diane Pappas.

Supporting roles go to Underbelly's Roy Billing as Senior Sergeant Graeme Sinclair and Damian de Montemas (Underbelly, Home and Away) as forensic expert Matt "Matilda" Hilton.

Unlike the emergency dramas of Rescue: Special Ops or TEN's Rush, the drama will focus on the young cops on the street facing crimes ranging in scale from shoplifting to murder, small-time drug deals to major organised crime. As a weekly drama, it will also focus on the private lives of its team.

Filming in Sydney it will also make the most of the backdrops of harbour-side, eastern beaches and inner suburbs.

"We are really excited about Cops L.A.C.," said Jo Horsburgh, head of Nine Drama. "It has great scripts, a fantastic cast, and all the ingredients for another exciting Aussie drama series from Nine."

It also beefs up the network's local drama slate, joining Sea Patrol, Rescue: Special Ops and Underbelly as locally-produced Nine dramas, in addition to its children's drama slate.

The network's last attempt at a police drama, the Gold Coast-filmed The Strip, didn't fare too well. Nine will be hoping for a much better reception when Cops L.A.C. premieres later this year. Filming gets underway in May.

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Mar 21, 2010
I agree with Jonty_T not since Blue Heelers (The early years) has an Australian network managed to produce an even halfway entertaining cop show plus the stereotype casting here is ridiculous, How many of the above mentioned actors were in those other failed Aussie cop shows not to mention Gary Sweet wasn't he doing Aussie cop stuff back in the 80's?
Mar 18, 2010
Seriously can Australia please just give away with trying to put together these terrible police dramas? They're all the same junk scripts coupled with the same awful actors over and over and over again it's like a used nappy covered with indian tucker.

Australian TV sucks, just fill it with more ads and put some decent new British/American shows on, and ACTUALLY FINISH THE WHOLE SEASON! Also yes, I did say MORE ADS on Aus TV, I'd rather sit through Llama man ads than deal with more Kate Ritchie.