Cops with a difference

In the top-heavy world of TV cops, it's never an easy fit to find a point of difference.

So while the suited cowboys of City Homicide are always there to tidy up grisly murders, the cops on TEN's Rush usually find themselves in the middle of a crisis situation.

As actor Josef Ber, who plays explosives expert Dominic Wales, explains, the show strives to set itself apart from others in the cop genre. Most of the time the Tactical Response Unit is on the go, thwarting hostage situations, robberies and terrorism threats.

"Even if a scene is written in a detective style, where we're door-knocking for example, we'd do it in 'our way'," he says. "Instead of just two suited guys rocking up, knockin' on the door. And we would try not to get those scenes written in the first place. It is our show, it's not just a generic cop show."

This year the show has been moved by TEN to a new night, new timeslot and had its episode order increased from 13 to 22 episodes. In just 12 months, the workload for cast and crew has doubled.

"We would have been finished by now," says Ber. "But we've already filmed as many episodes as we had in total last year, and we're only just over halfway through. So it's a longer haul this year."

The cast are pumped not just by the confidence boost from the network, but also in the growing fan base from the audience.

"Last week we had a screening for competition winners and our launch. It was good to see the way media and people are a lot more welcoming. Last year it was all a bit stand-off 'Who are these guys?' But now they're all excited, so that's nice."

Ber says this year Rush essentially promises more of the action and character development that distinguished its first year.

"We've got Jolene Anderson, so that dynamic has changed. But it's more of the same really. Everyone -- including the crew -- are more aware of what show we're making now," he says.

"Last year we were all still finding, even after 10 episodes, what show we were making. But now everyone has seen it, and everyone knows what we're making. So it's about going further, focussing on the differences to other cop shows, as opposed to the similarities."

Rush screens 8:30pm Thursdays on TEN.

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