Covert Affairs: Do We Want the Show to Board the Annie/Auggie 'Ship?

Covert Affairs S03E02: "Sound and Vision"

After last week’s season premiere saw Auggie and Annie separated and sent to different departments, I was concerned that the new arrangement would seriously crimp the non-romantic romance the two have had going on since the very beginning of the series. What can I say? I’m a big obnoxious Auggie fan. I would watch Auggie be awesome for hours and I’m aware that that stance kind of ruins the whole rah rah girl power thing to which Covert Affairs clings so tightly, but, well, AUGGIE.

Upon Annie’s return from her scantily clad adventures with Simon, she and Lena were both called into Arthur’s office, revealing that Arthur is, in fact, Lena’s boss. That certainly cast her in a different light—she might be some renegade operative with a cavalier attitude about the rules, but she still has a boss. A male boss, nonetheless, which is a fact that really seems to irk her. We also learned that she and Joan used to work together and they don’t get along very well. Go figure.

Joan needed Annie back under her authority to go on an undercover mission with Auggie where the pair would masquerade as a married couple to track down a Spain-based hacker who went by the name Red Rover. Auggie was excited to do well for Joan, whom he credited as being the only person at Langley who had faith in his ability to operate in the field despite his blindness. He was also thrilled to test-drive the whole being married thing because Jai’s death forced him to reevaluate his life, which led him to buy an engagement ring for Parker. Annie looked absolutely crushed by his revelation, which was the first of a few hardships the duo faced during their fake marriage.

While it hasn’t become a huge issue yet, Auggie’s allegiance to Joan came in direct contrast to Annie’s admittance that she liked working with Lena because Lena trusted Annie to make her own decisions. Essentially, they are both allied with their respective superiors for pretty much the same reasons, but did anyone think Auggie seemed a little disappointed in Annie’s boss of choice? Lena and Joan clearly are not BFFs, with Lena rather openly resenting Joan’s decision to include Arthur in their mission, “It diminishes both of us when you run to a man to solve our problems.”

Honestly, I would be okay with dialing Lena back a little bit. It’s hard to take her serious as a strong female character when she’s written like a caricature of feminism. Feminist is not a bad word, but for a lot of people who still don’t “get it,” feminist = man-hater. So, I just think it’s really damaging that the most openly feminist character on the show comes off, for all intents and purposes, like a “man-hater.”

Anyway, I think Annie is going to have to make a decision at some point this season about where her allegiances truly lie. She’s going to get stuck between Joan and Lena and it’s going to be ugly. It’s also going to make awesome television.

Annie and Auggie were ultimately successful in the field, recruiting the woman behind the Red Rover handle, Pilar, to work for the CIA. They both saved each others’ butts a dozen times, though Auggie didn’t seem to appreciate Annie’s decision to hang back and check on him rather than pursue their lost package. He got over it and they both lived to hop another plane to their respective romantic interests: He headed off to propose to Parker and Annie met up with Charming Assassin Simon.

Next week: PIRATES!

Super Secret Spy Notes

– I loved Auggie and Annie chilling in Arthur’s office like two kids at the principal’s office: “Did you do something wrong?” “Probably.”

– So Jai’s dad is a suspect in his murder. Thoughts?

– Arthur and Joan bickered some more. This week, their squabbles over Auggie came off as a sort of deranged custody battle. They really need to stop.

– Early in the episode, Lena grilled Annie about whether or not she had a boyfriend or significant other and then Annie looked all sad and glum when Auggie told her about proposing to Parker. Is Covert Affairs finally going to jump on the Annie/Auggie bus? Do we even want them to? I’m still on the fence about it myself. They have such delightful brother-sister chemistry. Real romance between the two of them might be...weird. What do you think?

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