Covert Affairs Exclusive Clip: Are Auggie and Annie Already Back Together? (VIDEO)

Covert Affairs returned for Season 3 last week with the surprisingly good "Hang on to Yourself," which not only left Jai dead but found Annie reassigned to a different department and blowing off Auggie's offer to still help her out whenever she might need it.

Thanks to our pals at USA, we've got an clip from tonight's follow-up episode, "Sound and Vision," and while it's not particularly exciting on the action front, it does appear that Auggie and Annie are already working together again after being split up literally a week ago.

Does this mean that at least part of last week's premiere didn't quite "take"? And does that matter as long as Auggie gets more screen time?

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10pm on USA.

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