Covert Affairs EXCLUSIVE: Watch Annie and Joan Bicker With Mossad Over Last Week's "Events" (VIDEO)

Yikes, remember when Covert Affairs first premiered and Annie was just a goody-goody cutie wittle baby spy? Oh, how times have changed. Life will be getting even more complicated for our girl tonight in "Wishful Beginnings," when Eyal and his boss Rivka Singer request the CIA's assistance tracking down a Mossad asset. And we've got an exclusive sneak peek!

Ruh-roh! Nothing like a good old-fashioned "You killed him and we didn't even get our intel!" "No, somebody else killed him, poison says so, and you can maybe still get your intel" debate, eh?

And ooohhh, is it possible that Eyal might have a thing for Annie? (It seems possible that Eyal might have a thing for Annie.) Do you think the writers might try to spin an Eyal/Anne vs. Auggie/Annie romance?

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10pm on USA.

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