Covert Affairs "Hello Stranger" Review: Annie's Assets

Covert Affairs S03E06: “Hello Stranger”

After spending half the season building up the tension between Annie and Simon and Annie and Joan and Annie and...everyone, “Hello Stranger” felt like a throwback to previous seasons of Covert Affairs with its rather cut-and-dry mission and squeaky-clean ending. The Prime Minister of Yemen was admitted to the Mayo Clinic under heavy State Department monitoring to undergo heart surgery. Annie thought that would be a good time to turn his chief of staff, Sayid, into a CIA asset. Despite his protestations, in the end, Annie’s dreamy blather about saving the world, one little piece at a time, spoke to the repressed idealist in Sayid and he ended up calling the asset hotline...right after Annie told Joan she requested a transfer out of the department.

Okay, so it wasn’t a completely squeaky-clean ending. Still fuming about Eyal being sicced on her in Jerusalem, Annie has basically adopted the “taking my toys and going home” method of coping with her co-workers. At least she didn’t go crawling back to Lena.

Does Annie seem just a little off her rocker to anyone else? Sure, she’s showing assertion and being proactive, reminding everyone who will listen that she is a fierce spying machine. However, she’s also been ignoring orders at an alarming rate, which makes her anger at being reevaluated by her superiors kind of childish. Has Annie always been this impulsive? If not, why the sudden change?

Joan raised a good point during her little chat with Annie when she said that the spy life was good for her, that she was happy in her line of work, but that it isn’t for everyone. Annie is an excellent operative, but lots of people are very skilled in positions that they don’t particularly enjoy. Could this be the case with Annie? In the past, there was never any doubt that she loved her job and loved what she did, but this season, we’ve seen Annie grow angrier at the system, unhappy with her current place, and I wonder if she has finally simply burned out.

Meanwhile, Auggie tried to kill his therapist with a blindfold and a cane. Actually, he tried to reach out and teach her how to cross the street as a blind person, theoretically in an attempt to enlighten her to his experience as a man who could once see and found himself forced to adapt to an entirely different way of life as an adult. I’d understand if she thought it was an attempted homicide, though.

Auggie’s shrink learned quickly, and in no time at all, she and Auggie were having a grand old time frolicking back and forth across the street. However, she didn’t care much for his essential takeover of her session. She pointed out that the lesson was a nifty distraction from talking about Auggie’s real issues. He admitted that he once tried to kill himself by wandering into traffic, only to be saved/disappointed by the affected drivers’ surprisingly good reflexes. However, Auggie bristled at the idea of examining that incident any deeper than the surface—it happened, he survived, end of story.

Still, the fact that Auggie went to therapy at all should count as some sort of progress considering his doctor gave him her blessing not to come to sessions at all last week. Auggie reached out. He’s a control freak. I don’t think that being stuck in a room talking about things he’d rather not talk about is an approach that will work for Auggie. At one point, the doctor asked, “Are you always trying to manage people and situations?”

Have you read his job description, lady?

So, how long until Auggie and his hot lady doctor end up doing the naked tango together? It's going to happen. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.


– “And you claim this is a free country!” Okay, look dude, I’m not one of those people who gets bent out of shape about where it is and is not acceptable to smoke, but for SURELY even hospitals in Yemen would frown upon lighting up in the ICU?

– This week, Action Annie got to wear scrubs and masquerade as a nurse (or doctor!) to evade capture. In an attempt to mellow some of the angst that seems to have invaded Covert Affairs this season, I propose regular missions involving situation-appropriate costuming. We've had Nurse Action Annie. How about a cop? French maid? French maid is a classic. Maybe she can borrow some of Amy Pond’s kissagram costumes?

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