Covert Affairs: "Loving the Alien" Review: Like a Bat Out of Hell

Covert Affairs S03E07: "Loving the Alien"

I see what you did there, Covert Affairs. I see what you did and I approve. After all that hullabaloo about how female spies aren’t supposed to get involved with their targets because their delicate womanly feelings will make them fall in love and cause national security concerns and after all that teasing at Annie Walker’s motivation for sticking with Simon against orders...Simon ended up being the one to make a bad business move in the name of true love.

Of course, that’s not to say that Annie Walker remains a CIA ice queen, judging by a few of her responses throughout “Loving the Alien,” but let it be known that Simon made the first play, stealthily assassinating his own handler, Hector, when the seasoned spy made it clear that he knew who Annie was and he wasn’t going to let her leave Cuba.

Oh yeah, Annie and Simon went to Cuba this week. I just kept ogling the classic cars.

Annie went to Lena for an assist when Simon asked her to join him for his Caribbean business trip, and Lena was actually helpful and not at all her usual, grotesquely characterized self. She was blunt with Annie regarding the fact that she could not authorize a mission to Cuba because it was Cuba and “North Korea would be easier” to extract Annie from if (when) things went south. However, she remained supportive and even got Annie set up with an impressive copy of her passport so that she could enter Cuba without anyone in the U.S. knowing.

Auggie was a tougher sell, not entirely buying Annie’s story about babysitting for her sister in California. Acquiring transcontinental babysitters typically takes more planning than a phone call, I would imagine.

After much noise was made over Annie’s passport, the fact that Simon insisted on locking it in a safe when the couple arrived in Havana set off a few more alarms. Annie’s credibility with her spy suitor has been crumbling recently—or at least it seems that way, given that our last few outings with Simon have been panic-plagued, last-minute dashes toward maintaining her Smithsonian sweetheart cover. It’s getting to the point that I can’t imagine that Simon, a seasoned spy himself, isn’t at least a little bit suspicious.

So, I’m glad we addressed that issue this week! Sort of. It’s still unclear exactly what Simon knows, but it’s obvious that he knows enough to understand why Hector wanted to whack Annie at the cigar factory. It’s also obvious that Simon is really, truly in love with Annie, whomever he thinks she is. That was a pretty awesome fake-out leading up to Hector’s demise, and Annie’s body language was pretty terrible, reading almost entirely of nervousness and defeat. I mean, c’mon girl, you’re riding around the Cuban countryside with two stellar spies. At least try to pretend that you don’t think they’re planning to kill you. You’re a professional.

Though to be fair, Hector bringing Danielle into the equation was definitely one of those OH SNAP moments meant to throw Annie off her game. She was, understandably, caught off-guard.

After offing his handler, Simon returned Annie’s passport and stuck her on a plane back to the States. He claimed to be heading home for a few days to regroup, and promised to check in with her again. Does this mean his nefarious plan to turn that old KGB base into a giant signal-jamming station has fallen by the wayside? Could this force Simon to go on the run from his own people, sending him to Annie for help, and opening the door to a legitimate relationship between the two of them?

I’m less convinced of Annie’s own distance myself. Lena was thrilled to hear about Simon taking Hector out for Annie, and planned to use his obvious feelings for Annie to manipulate him in a way that would benefit the CIA. Annie herself looked nauseous and so-not-thrilled during that entire conversation. Annie and Simon sitting in a tree, S-P-Y-uh-I-N-G.

Where do you think the leaky Annie-Simon ship will sail next?


– Joan and Arthur continue to be the most repulsive individuals on this show. I'm finding myself slowly starting to root against them just because they suck so much. I mean, they were always borderline unlikeable, but this season is just ridiculous.

– Auggie got back on the wagon pretty quickly, diving back into the investigation of Jai’s murder and setting his sights (ha, ugh, even Auggie would have groaned over that one) on Papa Wilcox.

– Speaking of Auggie, how do we think things will go down when he inevitably figures out what Annie’s been doing the past few weeks?

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