Covert Affairs "Suffragette City" Review: Annie’s Yellow Brick Road

Covert Affairs S03E09: “Suffragette City”

I really hope that next week’s post-coma rundown includes at least 30 seconds' worth of Annie’s pals surrounding her bed while she tells Auggie and Danielle and all the others, “You were there, and YOU were there,” straight-up Dorothy Gale-style. Because as soon as I realized that “Suffragette City” consisted largely of a romp through Annie’s subconscious, I had to resist the urge to maim my television.

It's just such a tired trope and I always feel like it’s weird and out of place on a show that, theoretically, is grounded in something akin to “reality.”

Still, thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I feared. And if Annie’s adventures in Wonderland were truly indicative of the things that she knows, believes, and thinks about in her subconscious, does that mean that all the eager Annie/Auggie fans out there have gotten the confirmation that they’ve wanted all this time with that kiss?

While Annie worked through the evidence piled up in her headspace, Auggie and Joan teamed up on the outside to clear Annie’s name. Lena finally made her play, running back to the office after taking out Simon and Annie and presenting a whole slew of evidence that painted Annie to look like she had committed treason: the fake passport, a fake off-shore bank account, even the fake sweep drive Lena acquired for Annie on Annie's VERY FIRST MISSION under her leadership. Lena had played her from the very beginning and, unfortunately, after months of bad publicity, including Jai’s assassination, the CIA was less than thorough in its investigation and eager to pin its woes on Annie.

Auggie and Joan called shenanigans, of course; but, lacking the clearance and the authority to do much to derail Lena’s plan, they were forced to work outside their usual channels. It was awesome to see Joan being proactive and badass for once and delightful to see Auggie back to fighting form. We’ve had depressed Auggie as well as drunk and disorderly Auggie. It’s been too long since we’ve had asskicking Auggie, or, for that matter, crazy-smart detective Auggie. Now that we’ve cleared Annie’s name, can we go back to figuring out who killed Jai? It’s only been, like, the whole season.

The devil is in the details and it was the number on Annie’s fake passport that ultimately led to Lena’s plan for... um... well, Covert Affairs hasn’t gotten there yet, so we’ll go with “world domination” for now. It’s a classic and she’s kind of a psycho, so yeah, sure, world domination. Auggie traced the number and learned that it was indeed a fake and it wasn’t a fake issued by the CIA, which meant it had to come from an outside “cobbler.” Since there are only so many of those in D.C., Auggie figured he could eventually find the responsible party. The one who ended up being a dead body was probably a bit of a tip-off; plus he had his Super Blind Man Skillz.

At the scene of the cobbler’s murder, Auggie smelled lavender and heard a diesel engine drive away. Both pieces of evidence were flimsy, but when Lena met him at the hospital to pretend to be concerned about her former protege, Auggie got a whiff of the perfume again. Outed by her lady-fragrance. I wonder how Lena feels about that.

Joan insisted that they couldn’t arrest Lena based on her perfume, which was, okay, true, so Auggie turned his attention to the diesel engine he heard. He interviewed the deliveryman who discovered Annie and Simon and realized that the car he spotted was, in fact, Lena’s car. Arthur unleashed the hounds just in time to intercept Lena before she could take care of Annie once and for all—I wondered when she would get around to that—and even though Lena ultimately escaped, through the magic of TV medical care, Annie turned out just fine, even though I’m pretty sure defibrillators don’t work like that.

Now will someone please call Danielle and let her know her sister almost died? RUDE.

Spy Notes

– Lena as “Blackbird” made for the least suspenseful head trip ever, but hey, there was an Annie/Auggie kiss AND I absolutely loved the opening credits homage when Annie stopped to smirk at the camera before swiping her key card.

– Coma Annie walked out of her lie detector test with grumpy Danielle. Auggie sucked at being “a dead mouse” and crashed Lena’s charade of a lie detector test in the real world. The moral of this story is that no one on this show is capable of just sitting down and FINISHING one of those things.

– “Billy Collins’ poetry is overrated and derivative.” Basically.

– What’s AWOL Lena’s next move?

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