Covert Affairs "Wishful Beginnings" Review: Back in the Saddle, Treading Water

Covert Affairs S03E12: “Wishful Beginnings”

Okay, so I laughed really hard when I realized that they took Annie to an actual farm upon her return from Russia. It’s the little things that amuse me. The experience wasn’t all hay bales and sweet tea, though—in fact, her time at Bluebonnet Farm amounted to only a few hours of interrogation about the nature of her relationship with Simon (still obsessing over this, are we?). Then she was sent back to Langley to collaborate with Eyal on the hunt for a missing Mossad asset who, surprise surprise, was dead.

Look, I am by no means a spy life expert, but isn’t it just a little odd that Annie went from borderline captive to the the only hope for playing nice with Mossad? I mean, the whole point of her time at Bluebonnet was to determine how big of a security risk her time with Simon and in Russia was. Her peers’ treatment of her regarding, in particular, her relationship with Simon, signifies a lingering concern over how much Annie’s heart dictates her allegiances. With her ability to separate personal and professional life still in question, who in their right mind would pull her from the farm to pair her up with a rival agency’s golden boy, someone Annie has shown less-than-professional tendencies toward in the past? Not necessarily romantic tendencies, mind you, just a personal loyalty that has the potential to overshadow her professional loyalty.

So, go figure, despite Joan’s orders that Annie keep the intel on the dead Mossad asset’s watch to herself if at all possible, Annie went ahead and shared it with Eyal anyway. He, in turn, shared it with his boss, Rivka, who seems kind of shady herself and who also seems to want Eyal to pull an Annie on Annie.

To Eyal’s credit, even though he gave up the intel like a good little Mossad agent, he stopped short of revealing Annie's location: Too scared to sleep at the house where she was shot, she was bunking at Eyal’s Washington bachelor pad. At least their loyalty goes both ways.

Caught in the middle is Auggie. Poor Auggie, who only wanted a minute alone with Annie to “tell her something to her face” and finally gave up on cornering her at work, only to find her house empty when he knocked. What do you think he wanted to tell her? Is Covert Affairs playing both us and the good ship Auggie? Probably. I refuse to take sides if this turns into an Eyal versus Auggie battle. I REFUSE, DO YOU HEAR ME, COVERT AFFAIRS?

I’ll feel bad for Auggie though. The man’s having a hard year.

And apparently so is Joan, who, as we discovered, is attending some kind of secret spy support group behind Arthur’s back. Are those pills we saw last week the reason for the support group or a result of the support group? Basically, is she on drugs-comma-positive or is she on drugs-comma-negative? Or is this just a desperate attempt on the writers' part to make Joan more likeable and give her something to do besides be Annie’s hardass boss and Arthur’s nagging wife? Regardless, I wish they could just find something for Arthur to do. Go back to tracking down Jai’s killer, you say? What a novel idea!

Overall, while it was nice to hang out with Eyal some more—and with Annie bunking at his place for the foreseeable future, I’m sure we’ll see more of him—I’m concerned that Covert Affairs blew its big, exciting storyline too early in the season. The immediacy is lacking: We had our big bad, we had our love interest, and as for solving Jai’s murder, no one has seemed to care about that in weeks, so why should I? This season has been pretty great so far. I really, truly mean that, and I sincerely hope it doesn’t end on a fizzle... but I think we already got our bang.

Spy Notes

1. Annie to Auggie, while Langley was on lockdown: “Are you busy?” Auggie: “I’m the only one here who can work without a screen, so yes.” I love the snark, Mr. Anderson. Love it.

2. Team Auggie, Team Eyal, or Team Why-Can’t-Annie-Be-Single-For-Like-Five-Minutes?

3. Whatever happened to Jai Wilcox? If his murder is meant to be the common thread running through every storyline of this season, the writers are certainly doing a bad job of getting that point across. One week it's a huge deal, then all of a sudden four weeks have gone by without another mention. Consistency is key, yo!

4. What are your Rivka theories? Is she playing Eyal and Annie? Do we REALLY need another potential double agent? At this point, Annie, Eyal, and Auggie should probably just go off the grid and start their own spies-for-hire organization. I’d watch a show about it. Probably.

5. What’s in Simon’s Trunk?: Jai. Jai is in Simon’s trunk. He’s been alive for the entire season. The whole car explosion was an elaborate ploy set up so that he could go punch some Daleks with the Doctor. The Doctor got around to fixing the TARDIS’s chameleon circuit as a one-time deal, and the last time Simon saw it, it was a trunk, but the circuit promptly blew again and the Doctor likes it better as a police box ANYWAY, so really, the key to Simon’s trunk isn’t a key to a trunk at all (anymore), it’s a key to the TARDIS.

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