Crappy Wonder Woman Clips Finally Make it Online

Call your mom and tell her you love her, kiss the ground you are blessed to walk on, and count your blessings, because fans of quality TV dodged a HUGE bullet. Clips of NBC's Wonder Woman have finally surfaced online and they are glorious in their crapitude. Word on the street was the pilot, which was picked up by NBC after every network passed on it despite its pedigree of a famous superhero and a famous writer (David E. Kelley) behind it, was horrible. From what we've seen from these clips, word on the street was dead on.

[UPDATE] It was a good run, but as you can see, three of these clips have been taken down. Hope you got a look at them while they were around!

Keep in mind these clips still had a lot post-production work to go, but the visible wires and MS Paint computer graphics only enhance the cheesiness. Advice: Start all the videos now so you don't have to sit through the same Bud Light ad over and over.

Clip One: This one starts off great if your idea of great is quick close-ups of someone running and someone else running. Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki) is chasing a bald-headed freak through the streets of Los Angeles while several people get shoved to the ground and a news reporter in a chopper sets the whole thing up with the dullest dialogue ever. There's a title card, and then it cuts to a later scene in which Wonder Woman fights a mix between Under Armor fashion models and rejects from Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video.

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot -... by kahramanlarsinemada

Clip Two: We see Wonder Woman get into her predicament that the above clip jumped into halfway through. Watch how strong she is when she opens the shutter door! This will leave everyone saying, "Que diabos?"

Woman by michelarouca

Clip Three: Wonder Woman, in full outfit, makes a hospital visit to her pal Willis. The writers really want to make sure that you know his name is Willis, Willis. Oh great, now she's got me doing it, too.

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot -... by kahramanlarsinemada

Clip Four: This is pure comedic gold. Gold, I tell you! The show wasn't just about Wonder Woman, it was also about her alter-ego Diana Prince, who runs a company that does who-knows-what but makes a ton of cash by selling Wonder Woman dolls and other tchotchkes. "I never said to merchandise my tits!" will be a rallying cry for the feminist movement from here on.

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot by kahramanlarsinemada

Is there any way we can start a save-the-show campaign for this?

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