Crime genre gets own channel

NBC Universal is launching a new cable channel that will give viewers round-the-clock access to mystery and crime shows, the Associated Press reported this afternoon.

The channel, known as Sleuth, will take its place on the airwaves January 1. At first, it will be available to about 5 million homes that subscribe to Time Warner Cable.

Due to this low distribution number, Sleuth has no plans to air original programming until it finds its footing and can reach more viewers, NBC Universal said. Instead, it will rely on reruns of shows such as Miami Vice, The A-Team, and Knight Rider for the next two years. Movies like Scarface, Casino, and The Jackal will also be broadcast on Sleuth.

The decision to launch a mystery-and-crime channel was prompted by the recent surge in interest for the genre. Shows like CSI and NCIS have far surpassed the once-ubiquitous sitcom, and reruns of the Law & Order franchise are doing quite well in syndication.

Jeff Gaspin, president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, stated that "There definitely seems to be an endless taste for viewing of this genre that gave us a lot of confidence to go in this direction."

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we already have a ton of crime channels we don't need another one!
Knight Rider Woohooo
Canadians beat you guys again, we got a mystery channel called "Mystery".
People get tired of the same-old,same old.

When Sleuth shows nostalgic favorite t.v. crime shows (including the Glen Larsen,Stephen J.Cannell,Levinson-Link stuff) along with classic mystery movies,_erudite_ true
crime documentaries and original programming at least as good as that done by PBS or the BBC,folks will be reminded
of why they appreciated the genre in the first place.

As a new and special niche channel,they could edge away from the conventional.

They could be as varied and innovative as their literary counterparts.

Think for a moment.

Is your favorite mystery a police procedural?

Does it show a lot of 'behind-the-scenes' details in the cops' private and professional lives?

Is it bursting with technological jargon and equipment?

Are you partial to 'cozies' with quirky characters and amateur detectives?

Do you enjoy intrigue and exotic locales?

Every type of crime/mystery could be featured including
pulp heroes,Stratemeyer type juvenile detectives,detective stories from all times and places
with the occasional round table discussion with fans and authors,"Actor's Stuio" type interviews with critics,writers and their ilk and even explorations of
the culture of the detective story.

(Fans could examine everything from stereotypes to
politics to pseudoscience to slang and fashion in the
fictional narratives.)

There might even be glimpse of how real mysteries slip
into the man-made via fiction or mythology.

This channel could take so many approaches that it need
never become bland or repetitive.

A presentation of the best of the old and the new,the factual and the unreal,the sagacious and the silly could make 'Sleuth' one of the channels that determines what tiers one buys and what is ignored.
When I first read this article, I thought to myself, "Great, a channel where I can always find CSI, or Without a Trace, or Law and Order."

But Knight Rider? Are there really that many people out there who want to see that? Miami Vice I can understand - after all Tubbs and Crocket were pretty hip and stylin' not to mention that the show actually had talented writing and equally talented guest stars.

But a talking car? I don't think so.
Just another evolutionary step in programming, they'll make it for NBC and archive it in cable. We're only steps away from on VDO on demand.
Maybe not a bad idea.......


Um...I thought we already established that people are getting tired of crime.

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