Cuddy Has Kicked Herself Out of the House

... Shocker! Lisa Edelstein has voluntarily withdrawn from Fox's House, which was recently renewed for a final season. Edelstein plays Dr. Cuddy, one of the medical drama's major characters and the love interest for its famous lead. Edelstein said: "After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead." Looks like Dr. House and Wilson are going to have to get together now. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CBS has renewed CSI: NY and canceled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. More on this tomorrow when CBS details its schedule. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW has picked up Re-Modeled and The Frame, two reality shows. Re-Modeled follows a veteran of the modeling industry as he connects small agents to make one big network, like Voltron. The Frame is a competition show that will lock 10 teams of two in confined spaces, where they will compete in challenges and face eliminations. The show was previously titled Torture, or at least it should have been. [LA Times]

... This is how you make television. AMC has passed on all of the shows it had in development after watching thorough presentations. The cable network, which has become the standard-setter on basic cable, decided that after listening to producers' ideas for full first seasons and seeing promo reels for the proposed pilots, none of them were ready to go to series. This is in stark contrast to NBC, a network that decides which shows will be made based on a few cocktail-napkin sketches and whether or not the boss' Pomeranian poops on the script. One of the shows in development at AMC was Voyage, a look at humankind's first contact with an alien race. None of the projects are dead though; they'll all have the chances to retool until they get it right. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rumor has it that CBS will move CSI out of its longtime Thursday slot! Uh-oh! We'll know first-thing tomorrow. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rumor has it that Eliza Dushku may star in a new Torchwood spin-off! [io9]

... Former Heroes star Masi Oka has been promoted to regular on Hawaii Five-O. Oka plays a goofy coroner on the program. The new series hasn't been officially renewed yet, but it will be. Otherwise, what a great prank: "Hey Masi, congratulations! You're a regular! By the way, we're canceled!" [TV Line]

... After 45 years, Jerry Lewis is stepping down as host of the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association's Labor Day weekend telethon. Say what you will about Jerry, but he really gave it his all for these kids. This year's fundraiser will be his last. Lewis is 85 years old. [Chicago Tribune]

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