CW goes with hotties, hottie vampires

If there's one thing that's for sure during this busy week of networks announcing their schedules, you better be smokin' hot if you want a shot at The CW's lineup. The network made its three pickups, leaving little to the imagination.

As expected, the new take on Melrose Place (creatively called Melrose Place) and the blood-sucking The Vampire Diaries both made the cut. The third spot was more competitive, but in the end Ashton Kutcher's The Beautiful Life won, because who doesn't want to watch a drama about a bunch of models living together in an apartment?

The addition of those three programs likely means the end for some others. Privileged, which had a shot at a second-season pickup, is almost certainly cancelled. The Gossip Girl spinoff about young Lily in 1980s Los Angeles is also looking like a goner, despite being set up by a flashback in a recent episode of Gossip Girl.

Hey, at least we still have Supernatural. Expect official announcements on these pickups on Thursday.

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