CW Purges Model-Drama The Beautiful Life

If you were one of the slightly-more-than one million people who happened to watch last week's episode of The Beautiful Life, I have some sad news for you. That was the last episode that will ever air on television, for The Beautiful Life is no more.

The CW canceled the Ashton-Kutcher-produced drama after just its second episode, and it's pretty obvious why. Despite using near-nude models to promote the show, just over one million people watched The Beautiful Life's most-recent episode last Wednesday. How few people is that? As Variety points out, more people watched a repeat of Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed on My Network TV. Yes, there were more viewers interested in learning tricks to perform at a 12-year old's birthday party than viewers who wanted to see Mischa Barton act.

The show has nothing to blame but itself for its demise; it was scheduled in a great time slot (9pm on a Wednesday night), it was perfectly paired with the network's most popular show (America's Next Top Model), and it had tabloid-worthy news going into its debut (Barton's mental illness). So what went wrong? A few things called acting, writing, and substance.

But The Beautiful Life isn't the only show that's recently been let go -- Benjamin Bratt will no longer force interventions on people as A&Es; The Cleaner. The show has been canceled after two seasons, says The Hollywood Reporter.

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