Da Vinci's Demons "The Devil" Review: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vampire Hunter

Da Vinci's Demons S01E06: "The Devil"

Actually, not so much with the vampires, because Da Vinci's Demons went more Vlad the Impaler in its interpretation of Vlad III than his other name: Dracula, but there was lots of talk about being soulless and making nice with Lucifer, and then Vlad apparently just got up and walked away from falling out of a tower window, so the more sinister supernatural elements that eventually inspired Bram Stoker were definitely present in "The Devil," or rather "The One Where Leo Sleepwalked to Wallachia and Dragged Nico and Zoroaster Along for Reluctant Company." 

I've found that my favorite flavor of Da Vinci's Demons is when it's completely batshit and readily embraces its weirdness, blatantly refusing to take itself too seriously. That's not to say that "The Devil" didn't have its serious moments. It actually had quite a few—but then it also had the pope's naked temper tantrum.

With Leo fresh out of prison and their conflict with the Vatican far from being resolved, the Medicis went shopping for mercenaries to bulk up their ranks and attempted to forge a binding alliance with the powerful Pazzi family by marrying Guiliano to one of their ladies. The Pazzis didn't seem too enamored with the idea, and we know that they've been working with Riario since pretty much his first appearance, so with two episodes to go in Da Vinci's Demons' first season, I think the Pazzi Conspiracy (Spoilers! Kinda!) might just be kicking off soon. 

Da Vinci, pointed in the direction of a Sons of Mithras mapmaker named Solomon, ventured to the castle of Vlad the Impaler to rescue Solomon because he was told Solomon could decipher the map of South America discovered in the first episode. Unfortunately, Solomon didn't survive his rescue from Dracula's castle, but he stuck around long enough to confirm that he totally could've decoded the map for Leo if he wasn't in the process of croaking—but fortunately, the key to the map was tattooed on his person, so once he was good and dead, Leo and the gang could feel free to skin him and head back to Florence. Solomon also revealed that Leonardo's mom was very much alive and babysitting the Book of Leaves for the Sons of Mithras in South America.  

It was another Lucrezia-lite week, but at least her scenes served more purpose than just reminding us of what lovely breasts Laura Haddock has. While Lorenzo was padding his army's ranks and Leonardo was slaying future literary vampires, Lucrezia was reporting all of it to Riario and his Uncle Pope. Riario had a brief moment of non-douchebaggery when he stopped Sixtus from drowning a dude, then immediately squandered it by ordering a hit on Lucrezia because "she saw too much," which I'm taking to mean she saw Riario getting punched in the face by the pope and his manliness couldn't handle having a witness around. After all, the Pope didn't order her death, and she's shown her loyalty to Riario and the Vatican time and time again, even while nursing her crush on Da Vinci. As long as Lorenzo keeps banging her, she's the best inside source the Vatican has. It honestly doesn't make a huge amount of sense to off her just yet. 

However, I've been waiting all season for Lucrezia to get a real excuse to ditch the snitching-for-the-Pope routine, and if it takes almost getting a pair of spears to the eyes to drive her away from the pope squad, then bring it on. Isn't she like, half-ninja anyway? She'll be fiiiiine. 

So, going into next's week's penultimate episode of Season 1, here's where everybody in this vast land of conspiracy stands so far...

Da Vinci: Doing the kooky artist thing, which generally means doing whatever he wants, and right now he wants to go find his long-lost mama and the fabled Book of Leaves which both conveniently happen to be in the same place. Unfortunately, that place hasn't officially been discovered yet.

The Medicis: Lorenzo ants to be a baby daddy to a male heir and get the Vatican to lay off. Striking out on both counts. Still throwing money at Da Vinci, but hasn't threatened to kill him in about a month. Guiliano's marrying a Pazzi woman to bring the families together-- except probably not.

Count Riario: Shilling for Uncle Pope, but starting to show signs of going rogue—still not siding with the Medicis, though.

Lucrezia: You in danger, girl. Watch your back... um... eyes. 


– Tongue-tied Lorenzo was cute. 

– "Fuck. Me." Always an appropriate response, Leo. Always. 

– Clarice and Lorenzo's utilitarian sex was so awkward to watch. More awkward than watching Pope Sixtus IV try to drown a dude in his birthday suit. 

– Not okay with Vlady feeding the Turk to his dogs. Nope. 

– What did you think of Vlad the Impaler / the episode as a whole? How about the season in general so far? 

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