Daisies, Trees pruning seasons


Even Ned the pie-maker's magic touch and James Tupper's rugged good looks can't stop what is looking more and more like inevitability: The Writers Guild of America strike is going to cut the seasons of television shows short.

But just because their seasons may be shortened, it doesn't mean ABC's Pushing Daisies and Men in Trees can't give proper sendoffs. Both shows are preparing potential season finales in case their runs are stunted by the strike, says TVGuide.com.

Pushing Daisies is currently in production of its ninth episode--which is looking more and more like the last of its successful first season. Before the strike hit, ABC picked up the show for a full 22-episode season.

Daisies creator Bryan Fuller told TVGuide.com, "As we were scrambling to rewrite [Episode 9], we added several elements that will put many balls into the air and hopefully encourage the audience to come back and see how they land."

Men in Trees showrunner Jenny Bicks had a similar outlook for her show, and prepped an alternate ending for closure. However, Trees began its second season with five unaired episodes and will have an expected 19 episodes ready to air. In contrast, most other shows are capping out at around nine to 12 episodes.

These aren't the first shows to take this course of action. Heroes creator Tim Kring said his team shot an alternate ending to its 11th episode of the current season that could also serve as a season finale.

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