Damages Comes Up Short

For the last two winters, FX has put on an acting clinic for 13 weeks. Damages enters its third season next January, and the show's got a reputation for having television's best cast; featured standouts include Zeljko Ivanek, Ted Danson, and William Hurt (all of whom received Emmy nominations) performing some of their best work to date.

Just as exciting as finding out which case Patty Hewes (Emmy winner Glenn Close) will chew on each season is discovering the new additions to the cast, and the upcoming third season will not disappoint. Martin Short, Lily Tomlin, Campbell Scott, and Keith Carradine will all get caught in the crossfire between Patty and Ellen Parsons (Emmy nominee Rose Byrne) this year.

Short and Scott will be series regulars, while Tomlin and Carradine have been given recurring roles, though the details are being kept under wraps. FX is also doing a fair job of keeping returning roles secret, though it has been established by the creators that Danson will return as Arthur Fobrisher (yes!).

It's going to be a hoot to see Short, who's known for his crazy antics as Ed Grimley and Ned Niederlander in The Three Amigos, fit into this cast. If the show can transform Short the way it elevated Danson, it will be fantastic to watch it unfold.

Damages returns in January on FX.

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