Dan Aykroyd Believes in Aliens

Man, I miss Dan Aykroyd.

Here's your handy guide to today's euphemisms, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel.

Long before Dancing with the Stars, ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews was one of those people who danced in exercise infomericals.

Has anyone else been waiting for Craig Ferguson to bust out his Jay Leno impression? The moment is now.


... Britain's Got Talent may have found its new Susan Boyle, and her name is Janey Cutler.

... How interesting that TV's two departing Jacks—24's Bauer and Lost's Shephard, of course—actually have a lot in common.

... These shows are reportedly the most engaging ones on TV.

... The San Francisco Chronicle's Tim Goodman tells it like it is with regards to the latest (absurd) remakes.

... Seriously, what is not to love about The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons?

... Even the news can't resist a Tiger Woods joke.

... Desperate Housewives' Teri Hatcher went all GOOP on us—here's her cute new website, Get Hatched.

... Do you miss Mr. Show? Maybe this will help.

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May 12, 2010
I watched that Larry King Live aliens segment. I was so surreal that there was this panel of three respected scientists with Dan Aykroyd tossed in the mix.
May 11, 2010
I love Craig Ferguson, he's hilarious. "You would think they would have a meeting or something. Say to each other, you know guys, we seem to be getting caught. " LOL.
May 11, 2010
If THAT'S what the powers that be think is "engaging" in programming today, then they have well and truly proven they don't give a rat's behind what the audiences think, nor have they attempted to listen. It appears we need to get Craig Ferguson to address that one too...

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