Dan Harmon Has Apologized for His Comments About Community Season 4, But Should He Be Forgiven? (POLL)

Community creator Dan Harmon hung out with capital-D Drama over the weekend, when he announced at his anything-goes podcast/live show Harmontown that he watched the fourth season Community—the season he was not part of after his firing—and did not care for it. At all. In fact, he compared watching Season 4, specifically seeing James Brolin play Jeff's dad, to "being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach." And "flipping through Instagram just watching your girlfriend blow everyone." Colorful.

Harmon had previously said he didn't "want to be a jerk" about watching Season 4, and noted that many writers he'd worked with were still on staff while he was unemployed. Maybe Harmon has a different definition of what a "jerk" is, but in my neck of the woods, comparing someone's work to a rape and gangbangs isn't considered nice unless they were actually raping or gangbanging.  

It's more risky (and entertaining) behavior for the anti-establishment Harmon, who had no problem pissing on his bosses at Sony TV, too. He said Sony pushed for infighting among writers and considered writers interchangeable. 

Harmon has since apologized for his comments in a blog post titled, "It Won't Happen Again." (Spoiler alert: It will happen again. This is what Harmon does.) He apologized to fans, the Season 4 writers, and the cast and crew for his remarks, but did not mention Sony or Season 4 showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio. He also acknowledged that he said what he said in a cheap attempt to get laughs and that his head "was up his ass." 

But are you letting him off the hook? Does the apology make amends? Did he have the right to say those things in the first place? Are you sick of his sh*t? Let's get all opinion-y about this with a poll!


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