Daniel Dae Kim Teases Hawaii Five-O’s Second Season; Discusses That Lost Finale

Last weekend saw the end of Hawaii Five-O’s first season on Sky1, and boy what an ending it was! The main characters are now all over the place, leaving the future of the team in jeopardy and us wondering: what’s in store for the second season? Being impatient people, we didn’t want to wait to find out, so we caught up with the talented Daniel Dae Kim on a recent trip to London to discuss the series, his aspirations, and of course that Lost finale.

TV.com: Hawaii Five-O’s first season finale was full of surprises. What were your first impressions when you originally read the script?
Daniel Dae Kim: It was. I had heard some general things about what was going to happen in the finale, but when I actually saw it on paper there were a few twists and turns that I hadn’t heard of. So I was genuinely surprised and I think it’s one of the strongest episodes of the season.

The team was broken up when the episode ended. How far into season two will we have to wait until they’re back together?
That’s a good question, I’m not sure myself. I think there are some things to be resolved for sure--and I wouldn’t be surprised if the team comes back in some form fairly quickly--but we’ll see.

How far through the season two scripts are you?
I’ve read the first episode of season and have two more sitting in my inbox that I haven’t actually been able to read yet.

Aren’t you dying to find out what’s going to happen?
I want to give it the appropriate time and space to read, as opposed to like five minutes here and then going and doing something else. And to be frank while I’m in London, I’m enjoying myself so much that I’m not in the mood; I’m not in homework mode yet.

In season one there was a point where your character Chin Ho could’ve been written out. Did you ever worry that that could happen?
I was pretty confident; this show isn’t like Lost where anyone could get killed off at any moment. I know that the characters--there’s always jeopardy for them--but I think that as far as the job security’s concerned it’s a slightly different kind of paradigm.

Your Lost co-star Terry O’Quinn will be starring in the second season. Are you looking forward to the reunion?
I’m really looking forward to it. I think the world of him as an actor and I think once Lost fans get over the initial shock of seeing us both on the screen in a different show he’s going to be a great addition.

And Richard T. Jones will play the new governor in season two. What element will he bring to the show?
I’ve been told that, contrary to the way the first governor gave the Hawaii Five-O team a lot of leeway, her successor may not be as generous to the team.

Will season two take a darker tone then? Or will it remain as fun as season one?
First of all thanks for saying you think it’s fun: I think that’s one of the nice things about our show, it has elements of a crime procedural but it has a little bit of depth of character. Not to say that the typical crime procedural doesn’t but, you know, the combination of that character explanation and the comedy is something that sets us apart a little bit. I’m sure that it will remain in the show.

Now, I have to ask, how do you feel about the way Lost ended?
I enjoyed it to be honest. Sure, it wasn’t tight and not every question was answered and wrapped up in a nice little bow but I cared most about the characters. I thought it was great to see a resting place, literally and figuratively, for them. I wanted to see where their journey ended and that’s what I got to see. I think a show like Lost is difficult to end because its stock and trade was the questions that it asked, so any time you had to answer them all you were bound to disappoint some people.

Have you had any fans come up to you and give you their opinions on it?
All weekend. On the streets of London.

It’s been a year since Lost ended. Are you surprised with how many people still care?
No, it’s really a testament to the impact that show had; that a year later I’m still being stopped and not just being asked about it, but being told about what people’s opinions are. It’s still so fresh in their minds, which is surprising but in a really nice way.

Now my last question is from @m204 on Twitter: Is there a type of role, or a particular character that you’d like to play?
Asian American men are not often asked to do romantic leads, and I think if I had a choice to do anything right now, a lead in a romantic comedy might be nice.

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Jul 15, 2011
Such an awesome dude. Having Terry and Dan on Five-0 is going to awesome and just plain fun watching them together, hope to see a little Lost nod!
Jul 12, 2011
I appreciate Hawaii 5-O's humor and production values and it is fast paced but seriously, Hawaii has the lowest crime rate in the country and we're not besieged by dozens of notorious international criminals, terrorists and so forth. In fact, most of what outsiders know about Hawaii is pretty untrue. There are a few sites that kind of dig into the real Hawaii. My local favorite is absolute-hawaii.com

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