Daniel Dae Kim Was on Seinfeld Back in the Day

He is just so adorable.

So is Lauren Graham. Jay Leno, however, is not.

In keeping with the adorable celebrities theme, here are Glee's fiercely-named new guest-stars, Chord Overstreet and Charice Pempengco, talkin' to The Futon Critic.


... Showtime just came out with an official Dexter iPhone app. What about Droid, guys?

... NYMag.com's Vulture blog will help you decide which of the new TV crime-solvers is right for you.

... All these rivalries on TV right now are going to make for some great showdowns in the future.

... The family on Sister Wives is now facing felony bigamy charges. On one hand, shouldn't they have thought about the ramifications of their illegal living situation before going on national television? On the other, shouldn't TLC protect the stars of its show? This whole situation is so unnecessary.

... The Wire and Treme creator David Simon won the MacArthur Genius Award, but he doesn't really want it.

... Rachel Bilson might be returning to TV! I know this is more of a news item, but I'm too excited not to report it. She's teaming up with The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz for a new show about a woman who can talk to the dead, tentatively titled "Summer the Seer."

... If you add the words "Liz Lemon" to the end of Kanye West's tweets, he sounds just like Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock.

... What is up with all the bar codes popping up on TV?

... Why can't more shows be as awesome and as penny-pinching as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

... Maura Tierney talked to Ellen about her experience with breast cancer.

... Soon, you may be able to walk down Nucky Street in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

... Sarah Palin was not very popular last night on Dancing with the Stars.

... QVC makes even the Mad Men costume designer look tacky.

... In honor of Fringe's doppelgangers, io9 made this list of the hottest evil twins of all time.

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Sep 29, 2010
"3rd degree felony charge but is rarely prosecuted". Maybe they should prosecute this one, and TLC right along with it: aiding and abetting maybe? Accessory after the fact?
Sep 29, 2010
Grace Park---HOT!!!!!
Sep 29, 2010
A woman who can talk to the death... oo, will she have a husband who dies in a few seasons and then comes back as someone else, although they shoot it with the same actor and no one seems to notice? Because that one exists already. Although I do like Rachel Bilson.