Dark Tower is Finally Getting Erected

... J.J. Abrams couldn't do it. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof couldn't do it. But Opie can. Ron Howard is bravely tackling a film and TV adaptation of Stephen King's sprawling Dark Tower series. Yes, I said film AND TV. The current plan is to make a trilogy of movies and an NBC series based on the books, which currently number seven novels. If this is done right, we're going to need a new word to describe how awesome this will be. [EW]

... All you geeks out there sad about waiting until January to find out how toasters came to be, dry our eyes! Syfy is bringing back Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica two months early, upping the Season Two premiere date to October 5. It will be paired up with the equally nerdy Stargate Universe. [Syfy via press release]

... What is this, Nerd Day? More geek news: J.J. Abrams and Jonah Nolan (brother of Inception's Christopher) are teaming up for a new show and studios are salivating over it. Nolan co-wrote The Dark Knight (*cough* overrated) and Memento, so genius runs in the family. This show could be about glee clubs and I'd still watch it. Count me IN. [EW]

... MTV will continue to ride Jersey Shore for as long as it can. The network is planning a pair of specials surrounding the fake Italians. First up will be a cast reunion show, and the second is a behind-the-scenes special. [THR]

... Ay caramba! Univision won the WEEK in the adult demographic ratings race last week, beating Fox, ABC, and everyone else. The Spanish-language network scored a 1.6 rating for the holiday week, beating second-place ABC (1.4). This is the first time Univision has placed first and should provide plenty of ammunition for immigration-fearing racists everywhere. [Variety]

... Hal Holbrook is rad. The 85-year-old actor is the anti-Betty White. Where White is used as kitsch, the Oscar-nominated Holbrook is used because the guy can act his pants off. Holbrook is joining the cast of NBC's anticipated The Event as an antagonist to the President (Blair Underwood). Holbrook is currently featured in FX's Sons of Anarchy. [NBC via press release]

... Susan Boyle was going to sing Lou Reed's Perfect Day on America's Got Talent, but Ole Lou rejected the notion and didn't grant permission because he doesn't care for Boyle. Then Boyle cried. That's some fine policework there, Lou. [TMZ]

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