'Darlton' Tells Us What's Next for Lost

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LOS ANGELES—Lost began with a bang and will end with a... well, we still don't know how it's going to end. Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, along with several other writers, producers, and cast members, didn't give up the goods during the Paley Festival’s Lost panel in L.A. last weekend, but they did drop some tasty hints—as well as imagine Lost as a Disney attraction, reveal what might have happened on the island with some of the characters, explain why Lost gag reels are missing, and confess how much they’ll miss Hurley’s singing.

“Darlton,” as the two executive producers have been dubbed, were joined onstage by executive producers/writers Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, and Liz Sarnoff; director/producer Jack Bender; and cast members Terry O’Quinn (Locke), Michael Emerson (Ben), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), and Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana). Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) decided at the last minute to stay behind in Hawaii with his family due to the tsunami threat.

Tasty Teasers

The most tantalizing parts of the evening, of course, were the little clues dropped about what’s yet to come. So work these into your current theory of What It All Means:

... We’re going to see more of Charlie
... Walt might be back
... Richard and Ilana will “have words with each other”
... We’ll find out why Desmond was on Oceanic 815
... The Libby/Hurley connection will be revealed
... We might see Bernard in a flash-sideways
... Vincent the dog will be back.

There was also a clip of tomorrow night’s episode, revealing the following: As Sayid leaves the temple, Miles says something mysterious brought him back to life; Claire bursts in and tells Dogan that Locke/Smoke Monster is outside, waiting to talk to him; Dogan says that he's no idiot, and that he'll be killed if he walks outside; “Then maybe you should send someone he won’t kill.”

Lost at Disney?

Self-proclaimed Lost geek Paul Scheer, of MTV sketch show Human Giant, moderated the event, which meant there were lots of questions like, “If Disney turns Tom Sawyer’s Island into a Lost island, what attractions would you want to see?”

Michael Emerson wants a “wild ride on a VW bus with a distracted Hurley at the wheel,” while Lindelof thought it would be better to just put people into a dark room, spin it around for a few minutes, then bring them out and punch them in the face. “You’ve just had the Lost experience!”

What might have happened...

What was almost more interesting than what’s coming up on the show is what’s happened during its creation so far. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Eko) would have been featured more on the show, but he decided he wanted to pursue other opportunities. (Like the G.I. Joe movie? Bad choice.) Likewise, according to Cuse, we'd "absolutely still be seeing" Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) on the show, but his aging presented a problem. Also, Michael Emerson was only meant to be on the show for two or three episodes, but he blew everyone away... so they expanded the Ben role, and he’ll be part of the finale.

Gag Me

When asked about gag reels, the actors and producers explained that they are the only show on TV without a gag reel. According to Emerson, it’s because there is a lot of levity on the set. People take things very seriously, plus they have to work at a breakneck pace. Although Terry O’Quinn joked that if Ben and Locke were to have a lighter moment, there would be a lot of strangulation jokes. Badump, crash!

Jorge does Elvis

O’Quinn went on to say that he’s going to miss the lighter moments on Lost, like the ones between takes when the crew are lighting the next scene, and the actors will gather their chairs under the shade of a tree while Jorge Garcia (Hurley) serenades them all with Elvis’ “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”