Dave paying employees during strike

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The writers strike obviously holds severe financial implications for those on the picket line, but it isn't just the scribes paying the price. As more and more shows shut down as a result of the well of reserve scripts drying up, crew members working on those shows are seeing their paychecks dry up too.

That won't happen for at least a pair of shows, though. Worldwide Pants, the production company owned by popular talk-show host David Letterman, has informed employees that it will be paying its employees while the shows it creates go dark, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Worldwide Pants produces only two shows--Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson--both of which immediately shut down as a result of the strike. As owner of the company, Letterman will essentially be paying his employees out of his own pocket.

No other television production companies have guaranteed their employees' pay during strike-related closures. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart was rumored to be paying his staff through his Busboy Production, but publicists have denied any such actions.

For more on the writers strike, check out TV.com's Strike Source, featuring up-to-date statuses on shows, the latest information, and more.

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