David Duchovny Wants to Do Another X-Files Movie

David Duchovny wants to keep the X-Files franchise going until he has to wear a girdle. What an image.


... Kristen Wiig isn't as funny when she's not playing a character... but she's about eight times as hot.

... Conan is to TBS as Mad Men is to AMC. How's that for an analogy?

... George Lopez is welcoming Conan with open arms. Awwww, how cute.

... Why does Tina Fey always play the single, lonely woman?

... What would the Entourage guys do without their phones?

... Here are two of my favorite people ever, Tim Gunn and Craig Ferguson, shootin' the breeze and talkin' about fashion and stuff.

... And to get yourself psyched for Glee's return tonight, here are five of the show's best musical numbers.

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