David E. Kelley decries commercials

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David E. Kelley has come out swinging against the amount of commercials in broadcast television. The Boston Legal boss says commercial interruptions come too frequently and are making it difficult to both create drama and build character. He hinted that he might consider moving to cable television.

"If the commercial encroachment becomes worse, it's probably something that we'll all consider," Kelley said Tuesday to the Television Critics Association.

Kelley has been responsible for the phenomenal hits Ally McBeal, The Practice, and the current Boston Legal. He asserted that when he did LA Law in the mid-'80s, the show took up 48 minutes of the hour, with 12 minutes devoted to commercials. Now, he says, Boston Legal runs only 41 minutes, with a whopping 19 minutes of commercials.

Kelley was about to say more, but his speech was cut short by an ad for foot powder.

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